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Jan 27, 2008 11:39 AM

John Andrew Reataurant

Saturday night we were at John Andrews Restaurant.
We had read Nicole's report about the Cassoulet of Lobster and this was one of the best appetizers we've ever had!!!
Lobster,Rice Beans,Macaarpone and Leeks all together in a truly memorable appetizer.
I could have eaten just several of these appetizers alone and been in 7th Heaven.
As usual the fried oysters with baby green,anchovy mustard vinaigreeete, and parmesan crisp was great as were our dinners of Griller hanger steak with blue cheese popovers with local braised greenns and roasted shallots.
The dessert of pizzelles,mascaarpone ice cream along with more Barrington coffee made this a fine dining experience.
This restaurant is also "must" for anyone looking for a truly gourmet experience in the Berkshires!

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  1. great report catnip, glad you enjoyed yourself. that lobster cassoulet was to die for and im glad you mentioned the mascarpone because i knew there was an ingrediant i was missing when i was describing it and i couldnt remember what it was. the blue cheese pop-overs sound CRAZY good, i must get them next time im there...which will be the end of february with my 2 sisters and our DHs...cant wait.

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      We are looking forward to trying John Andrews. Would you be able to recommend someplace to stay nearby?

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        I can tell you where not to stay....The Windflower Inn which is about 7 minutes away from John Andrews in Great Barrington. As Chowhound is dedicated to food, I will focus on that aspect and report that the breakfast was poor in every respect and no other meals are served. There are many other options in the Great Barrington area but I can't give you a first hand report on them. The Windflower Inn received a lot of business from my family members when I was living in the area but we would not recommend it.

        1. re: mvi

          Recently dined at J.A. and believe it to be the best restaurant in the Berkshires. We had the mahi mahi special and the organic lamb entrees. The chef makes his own stock so the sauces are more complex than other restaurants. My foie gras was also outstanding. There are some reasonable choices on the wine list as well. I'd recommend it to visitors and locals.

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            So glad you liked this place. It is a real jewel in the middle of nowhere and well worth the trip if you are anywhere near that area. When you are in large cities, it is easy to find excellent places to eat, but this little spot is really hidden away. A treasure.

    2. We went to John Andrews tonight, on the strength of many of the recommendations on this board (we are visiting from Brooklyn), and had a pretty nice dinner -- some of the dishes were excellent, a couple mediocre, but mostly good.

      The space is very nice -- not pretentious, extremely relaxed (our server was not very attentive, but that's OK -- we are used to it in New York). And the bread (once it finally came) was delicious -- they also use a delicious olive oil that accompanies the bread.

      We started with the chilled Maine crab (with mango and cucumber), the fried oyster salad, and the grilled calamari. Of these three, the calamari was far and away the best -- the fingerling potatoes and jalapeno pesto that accompanied the calamari were excellent, and the calamari itself was nicely cooked. The crab was a disappointment -- flavorless itself, and the mango cucumber salsa/salad that came with it was not much to speak of. The fried oyster with mixed greens was good -- not as good as we expected -- the oysters were nicely cooked, but the salad was average -- it came with a parmesan crisp on top and grated parmesan cheese in the salad, which seemed like overkill.

      For entrees, we had the scallops and the lamb of the day (which was lambchops, with grilled vegetables and a potato-bacon pancake). The scallops were very nicely cooked, but not particularly memorable flavor-wise. The lamb, on the other hand, was delicious, but extremely rare (the meat closest to the bone might as well not have been cooked). The potato-bacon pancake was nice on its own but did not really go well with the lamb, but the other vegetables went nicely.

      For dessert we had homemade ice cream (very good) with a chocolate-orange sauce and drunken berries. With a couple of glasses of wine, the bill was around 120, which seemed like a good deal.

      Over all, a nice meal -- some very high high points. Thanks to everyone who has posted so much about this restaurant -- it was a good find for us.

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        that matches my experience there a few months ago. food was fine, nothing special. the fried oyster salad was a disappointment and the service was terrible. my porkchop came out raw (not rare, raw) and when I pointed it out to the waiter, he said that's how the chef cooks it. i told him i wasn't in the mood for trichinosis and please cook it longer. it came back out still raw so i gave up. i remember the pasta with mushrooms being excellent though.