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Sep 5, 2001 02:44 PM

Chadwick or Melisse?

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Which kitchen is producing more brilliance and genius at this point? We've been to Patina, Spago Beverly Hills, Joe's, Chinois on Main, not to mention many of New York's excellent french restaurants. Which of these two are more unique and would be more likely to open our eyes and galvanize our palates?

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  1. Lucques on Melrose is where most all the local chefs go when they get a night off. Innovation abounds. Superb setting and even better food. Nothing wrong with either of the others though. Melisse is quite a formal setting while Chadwick is Beverly Hills casual,as is Lucques.

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    1. re: carter

      I haven't eaten at Chadwick's but the reports I've heard from friends who have dined there have been universally negative.

      However, I have eaten at Melisse and it was spectacular. Yes it's formal and yes it's expensive but they definitely delivered the goods: creative and delicious food and outstanding service.

      1. re: Jeff Falls

        I went to Melisse and thought it was overrated. The sommelier didn't know diddly either. Suzanne Goin at Lucques was a smart girl when she went to my high school, and I'm sure nothing has changed, but I haven't been there. I can't afford it. Go Suzanne.

        1. re: Suda

          I have been to Melisse and Chadwick's and definitely preferred Melisse, although it is pricey and somewhat stodgy. I would compare it to a fine upscale New York French. I still would rather eat at Patina or Campanile than either of them if I'm in a spending mood, but I'm getting boring on the subject.

          1. re: roger simon

            Hmmm, I don't know how long it's been for you but I was wondering if you remembered any of the dishes you had at either place and if you would be able to describe them to me. Details. I need details so I can judge the extent of this "creativity".

    2. It's not even close, in my opinion. The winner is Chadwick. I believe Melisse is overrated. Wouldn't go back.

      1. i've been to both in the past year, and fortunately did not pay either time. i wouldn't spend my own dime on either - Melisse tries to be Daniel and can't deliver, and Chadwick is just a mess - tiny portions, uninspired cuisine and average service.

        i'm tired of spending $100 pp minimum for that kind of experience.

        go to yongsusan or sushi instead.