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Jan 27, 2008 11:06 AM

Glens Falls, NY Fabulous Find

If anyone is up in the Glens Falls area I recommend Bistro Tallulah at 26 Ridge Street, and its fabulous young owner/chef Shawn Whalen. The menu was varied, dishes ranged from suckling pig to lovely fish and then to lamb shanks that melted on the fork. The salads were great, pan seared scallops mixed with dried cranberries and Maytag Blue or a salad with duck confit and pignoli nuts. The waitstaff knew every dish and was able to suggest a wine to go with it. We were a large and talky group yet the service stayed friendly throughout the meal. And the desserts, particularly the warm white chocolate bread pudding with pralines, are worth living for!


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    1. I suggested this to a friend who was in Glens Falls a couple of weeks ago on business with a group from her office, and she agreed that ithe food was terrific. She had the seafood paella, described as non traditional but excellent, and everyone else enjoyed their meals as well. Hoping to stop there on a trip to Vermont!

      1. Sounds great, I'm there...

        1. The original comment has been removed