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Jan 27, 2008 10:31 AM

Calling all veal cutlet recipes....

I have a freezer full of indiviually wrapped thin veal cutlets. They seem to have already been pounded- I tried them last night after marinating in evoo, lemon, garlic, s & p. I cooked in a really hot non stick pan with some olive oil- about 2 min. per side and then removed them and added chopped onion, white wine, chicken broth and simmered- at the end I added some capers and lemon- put the veal back in for a min and plated- The flavor was excellent but the meat was kind of tough- any reasons why? I am also looking for ideas that dont include frying-


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  1. My favorite veal dish is still veal parmigiana.

    If the meat is still tough, grind it and make a mixed meat meatloaf or meatballs.

    1. I have a recipe that briefly fries the floured, salt and peppered veal in olive oil and putter, and then deglaze the pan with marsala. The veal is place in tin foil, topped with fontina cheese and steam asparagas spears, and spoon the marsala mixture over each slice, wrap up and bake for just a few minutes. Delicious. If you're interested I'll digout my book and give proper directions.

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        Both sound delish and believe my I love parm and a fried version with marsala but we are trying to eat a little more healthy- Any other suggestions that doesnt require the bread and fry stage??