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Jan 27, 2008 10:14 AM

Boiling Crab-ish in Westminster or Cerritos

Hi folks. I'm craving Boiling Crab but don't really want to go there again. I would like to try new restaurants that have the same theme in WEstminster or Cerritos?

any recommendtions?> thanks in advance

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  1. I like Cajun Corner in Westminster.

    I've tried the Seafood Shack in Cerritos on South Street and REALLY didn't like it.

    The Cajun Corner Restuaurant
    15430 Brookhurst St, Westminster, CA 92683

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    1. re: MeowMixx

      We ended up at SEafood Shack (because we wanted to have dessert at Red Ribbon down the street-but that's another story) and was very disappointed.

      Meowmixx, I totally share your sentiment about NOT REALLY liking Seafood Shack. We could not help but compare it to Boiling Crab and the only advantage this "shack" had over Boiling Crab was the surroundings were cleaner, ambience is better and the modern furniture plus plasma tv's. The spices of "The Don" does not even come close to Boiling Crab's "Shebang". We could not fully enjoy the shrimps and the dungeness crab because the spices and flavor were lacking in taste. It just wasn't there.....

      We were disappointed but relieved that at least we got that out of the way; we were gonna try all the restaurants in that shopping center (Gerry's Grill is wonderful - try their grilled squid and garlic shrimp). We definitely dont plan on going back to Seafood Shack.

      Meowmixx, we're planning to try Cajun Corner this weekend.

      Thanks guys!

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        FYI, Cajun Corner is BYOB - there's a liquor store right in the same plaza :)

    2. There's Crablicious in Artesia.

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