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Jan 27, 2008 10:12 AM

Moderate eats for 8-10

I am looking for suggestions on New Orleans restaurants in the price range of Praline Connection, Liuzza's, Pascal's Manale, Coop's that take reservations for large groups on a Saturday and harder yet a Sunday night during Jazzfest.

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  1. That is a tough one...
    Bennachin is a cool cheasp place after the fest and is BYO...but no reservations.
    Nirvana on Magazine does a Dinner Buffet for $10 Sunday nights and accepts reservatioons for 5 or more.
    Those would offer a change of pace from all of the New Orleans food you will eat all day at the Fest.
    I always enjoy 5 course dinners at Impastato's on Sunday nights, but those run $25-32 (but are a great deal, although not cheap)
    Venezia's may accept reservations, but likely not.
    Then, there is always Snug Harbor on Frenchman...same burger as Port of Call (same owners) and much much cleaner...they do accept reservations, and I think they are open Sunday nights too.
    Grand Isle is a good place, but would be a it more expensive than what you have listed, but they do have a diversely priced menu.

    Not sure if these ramblings were helpful at all...