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Jan 27, 2008 09:56 AM

What Market would carry The Freshest Sea Bass?

Need to pick up a couple pounds of Sea Bass and I have been shutout at the local Supermarkets in the Chestnuthill, Wrox area. Thinking Super 88 in Allston. Any thoughts.

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  1. New Deal Fish on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge. Worth the trip.

    1. Can you bear the schlepp over to New Deal in Cambridge? Call first to ask if Carl's dad has picked up sea bass that morning (great to see 75 year old Fantasia Sr. unloading the van in the morning as I did on xmas eve) or see if they can get it for you the next day. The fish I've had at New Deal has been impeccable and they are really nice people.

      New Deal Fish Market
      622 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

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      1. re: yumyum

        I just updated their listing on chowhound, but beware that they are NOT open on Sunday.

      2. If you are in the Chestnut Hill area you can drive up route 9 to Wellesley and get some from Captain Marden's- they are open on Sunday and have excellent fresh fish. I would call in advance to be sure they have exactly what you want. Of course, it will be more expensive than New Deal, but if you really have to have it . . !

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        1. re: emilief

          New deal is very disorganized. When they are open is a mystery. How about Steamers in Watertown? Wholefoods?

          1. re: Northstar22

            Whole Food on River Street had some very fresh looking sea bass on Friday.

        2. I know this seems weird, but call up Savenor's (Beacon Hill or Cambridge) and ask if they currently have sea bass.

          I've gotten the BEST fillets there; incredibly fresh, cut large, and the flavor is so buttery it's unbelievable.

          Granted, their seafood selection is small, but what they do have is always outstanding.

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          1. re: Bostonbob3

            Captain Marden and New Deal have the best fish. whole foods is ok but often doesn't have the particular fish you want, so call ahead

          2. Morse Fish 1401 Washington Street in the South End might have it or might be able to get some for you- I would call. I agree that New Deal is the best around, though!