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Jan 27, 2008 09:37 AM

i bought blue cheese (and almost gagged) what?

Ok, I am usually pretty forgiving with most food and will eat most things I buy, but this danish blue cheese I just bought (which is supposed to be pretty good blue cheese too) - how should I put it -smells worse than durian crossed with goat.
OK, so I guess I never had real blue cheese, and didn't realize beforehand how strong it would smell. My question is, since I already purchased it, can I render it in some method that will 1) mask its smell 2) get rid of that aftertaste 3) taste good

Thanks for your input.

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  1. if the bad smell is ammonia, you need to chuck it-- there's no redeeming it.

    1. If it's on the creamier side, you could try to incorporate it in a pasta dish or a risotto, mixed with (more) cream :-D. A health dish it is not, but tasty. You want to perhaps add some fresh tasting veggie to cut through the blue cheese 'chalkiness', or intensity...maybe red or yellow bell pepper?

      1. Have you tasted it yet? I don't think cheese always smells quite how it tastes... but I also tend to use all bleus very sparingly, like barely sprinkled over salad or a burger or an omelette... I think you should see if you like it when you use just a teeny bit on something... if you don't, I would be surprised if there was something you could make out of it that would be worth the effort.

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          agreed. in fact the stronger a cheese smells the milder it tastes, in general.

        2. I make my own blue cheese dressing. Chop fine, mix with sour cream and mayo and finely minced garlic, thin a bit with milk if desired. I'm sure there are good recipes out there, but that's my basic one. The other ingredients might make it more palatable for you.

          1. Twice baked potatoes (mixed with another cheese, some butter, some sour cream or yogurt). I've served them to people who would never knowingly eat blue cheese and they were none the wiser.

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              If it's not ammonia you're smelling, make a four cheese mac and cheese -- heaven. Or salad with blue cheese. Or add blue cheese to a dip. Or blue cheese with buffalo wings.

              I love blue cheese.