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Jan 27, 2008 09:34 AM

Best of Blue Ribbon?

What are the best things to take out from Blue Ribbon Barbeque??

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  1. I like the beef brisket, the smoked sausage, the burnt ends. The pulled pork isn't my favorite. The sides on weekends are great -- grits, collards, mac n cheese. The sides during the week are a little scaled back but you can always get some kind of greens and their cornbread (sweet variety) and home-made pickles round out the meal.

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      A second vote for the burnt ends. Great. I love the homemade pickles, too, but they automatically come with it. If only my family liked BBQ more.

    2. We always get the pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. Or sometimes the spicy sausage instead of ribs. I love their mashed potatoes - they have so much butter in them. Their baked beans are good too. Ask for the hot or mild barbeque sauce - we like the hot.

      1. Meat - ribs, brisket, burnt ends, and pulled pork.
        Sides - baked beans, mashed potatoes, black eyed corn, collard greens, green beans, and corn bread.
        Sauces - Sweet, hot, and chipotle mustard.


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          Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

        2. I always get the pulled chicken sandwich w/ mashed and collard greens. When they have it the catfish sandwich is good too.

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            I second any of the fish sammiches. Also the cole slaw is to die for....a hint of horseradish. If any one is vegetarian, these are their meat-free sides:

            black eyed corn
            pinto beans
            mashed potatoes
            potato salad (when available)
            cole slaw

            All the other sides have meat in them, including the collards, green beans and baked beans.

          2. Although the regular items are quite good, I usually enjoy the specials. Among the recurring special mains,I like nearly anything with the hot maple BBQ sauce (usually named "angry," as in "angry franks and beans" or "angry ham"), the brisket sandwich variants (with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a special sauce like scallion mayo or chipotle mayo) because I like a tiny bit of veggie in my sandwich, Frank's chicken (braised in the golden BBQ sauce), and the Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich (though I know that some other Chowhounders haven't like it, I've always enjoyed mine). Our favorite special sides include the mac and cheese and the creamed corn with leeks. Once in a while, they have this great cornbread pudding with maple syrup for dessert.