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Jan 27, 2008 09:26 AM

Update wanted for CSUS area!

Hi....I searched the board (wish there was a Sacramento one too!) and decided on eating at Tacqueria Guadalajara...then I saw some health issues raised elsewhere...can anyone tell me what the current state of the restaurant is, or recommend another good spot near CSUS? Ettores sounds good, but what else is out there?

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  1. I forget the name, but my favorite of the places I tried near CSUS was an Indian place a few minutes drive from campus (mostly north, IIRC). The name should be in one of the earlier CSUS threads.

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      Are you thinking of Kaveri's on Fulton Ave.? If so, it's a great place!

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        kaveri's is mainly south indian. it's the only south indian restaurant i've found around the city. make sure you get the dosas, a south indian specialty. you can't find them in other indian restaurants. you won't be disappointed.

    2. Ettores is not what I'd call "near" CSUS. I'd suggest Clearwater, Opa Opa, or Cafe Rolle. All of these are practically within walking distance to the campus.

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        I mean Sweetwater, not Clearwater.

      2. Hey RonandSusan, can you give us some details of what you are looking for and how close to CSUS you would like it to be?

        1. Depends on what you want and what you mean by "near CSUS". Here are a few for starters: On Elvas and 55th (near Tupelo) there is a chinese restaurant, good food and usually moderately to very busy; next to that is a hot dog place (not really what I'd call a 'restaurant'); in the same strip mall is a place called Arpeggio (if this isn't exact, it's pretty close) which is a good place for breakfast. On 56th and H is Cookies for burgers - try the ostrich burger. On Carlson Drive in the River Park area is Mama Susanna's - great Italian food. I think there is still a Chinese food place next to it. Opa Opa has already been recommended, but it deserves another mention; the Shack on Folsom and 52(?) serves sandwiches and other fare, and I think has happy hour nearly every night. If you want to venture further into mid/downtown hit up Tamaya on 22 and J; and right around the corner is Tapas, still a great place to eat. Jack's Urban Eats and Rubicon Brewery are good, both at the intersection of 20th and Capitol. On 21st street at N (between N and O on the east side) are Zelda's Pizza and next to that is the best Mexican food in town at Jalapenos. Claudia and Ricardo have had the place for 7 or so years and its still very popular. Huge menu, and good prices. They even serve beer. Last two - heading back towards campus, at Seville and Alhambra is Fiesta Taqueria, not nearly as good as Jalapenos. On the west side of campus, if it is still open, is El Pollo, the food is good, and they aren't usually too busy.
          Hope this helps.

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            There is also a Jacks Urban Eats in Loehmann's plaza (Fair Oaks & Munroe), which would be a lot closer to Sac State. Fair Oaks Blvd. is a bonanza of restaurants; more 'higher end' but all excellent. Along w/Ettores, there's Zinfandel Grille, Fins, etc. Boudin SF is also now in Loehmann's plaza. For casual, you have Baker's Square, Boston Market, etc. These are all east of Sac State and the recommendations qsshark made are near or west. There's also the Rivers Edge on La Riviera; I've never been there but they got a good review in the Bee.

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              I'm drawing a complete blank on the name but what about the tex/mex place near Cookies on H street across from the Ivy House and Starbucks? Owned by Rose and David for eons only open for breakfast and lunch during the week. Their Tinga Chicken tostada and chile verde with eggs are great!

              1. re: ThisNThat

                Nopalitos! I almost forgot about that place. My suffer-fest rides (90+ miles) used to end there for a huge burrito. Haven't been there for a long time. They have great breakfast, too.

            2. On Flosm Blvd is Gioavannis pizza. Great pizzas!

              Next door is Hoppy Brewing Company. Great craft brews and good food.

              West on Folsom is Espanol is across from CortI Brothers. Old school Italian, family style.

              East on Folsom is Roma Pizza. best pizza in Sacramento IMO. Old time italian style restaurant, sit down service.

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                Oh..bennyboy1 is so RIGHT ON on with Giovannis! Try the Coney Island ... extra-clam-age!

                If you hit Pavillions, just down from Loehmann's Plaza, go to David Berkley's on the weekend and get "Lisa's pate" and breadsticks. Wonderful.