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Jan 27, 2008 09:20 AM

Estia - delicious but way too loud

Ate at Estia last night and though the food was great, the live music was deafening. Really ruined the dinner b/c I had to literally shout to be heard. Just a warning for those who like to chat during dinner.

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  1. Read your post and braced myself for the noise before leaving for a Restaurant Week dinner at Estia last night. Thankfully, the music was turned down to a very manageable level. However, they did seat us in a particularly dark location. It was tough to read the menu and just lacked a pleasant ambiance because of that. In any case, the place was packed (at 6 p.m.) and the food was absolutely delicious. We had two different bass filets which were perfectly and simply prepared with capers and lemon. We also ordered gorgeous platters of grilled vegetables (eggplant, fennel, red peppers, yellow squash) to accompany this (extra at 7.50 per). My husband loved his greek salad with feta and marveled at the quality of the tomatoes given the time of year. Dessert was greek yogurt with honey and toasted almonds (enough to make you swoon!). I had the Baklava which was the best I've ever had. Lots of cinnamon and walnuts and not cloyingly sweet like many versions. All in all, a "do over." Not cheap, even with restaurant week pricing, though we did order two glasses of wine each. Highly recommended.

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      (psst!) The secret is to request a seating on the mezzanine. Estia is one of my favorite spots in the city but the noise level the first time I ever went, was a turn-off. I finally discovered "the mezzanine!!"
      Ta da!

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        Is that where the covered booths are? I like them a lot more than being seated near the street and find them to be very comfortable. We have actually been going to Estia a number of times on Saturday for lunch recently. The food is just as good and the noise factor is nil.

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          Yes bluehensfan, that's exactly where I mean.