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Jan 27, 2008 09:01 AM

Some places around London Bridge

• Kwan Thai, Hay's Galleria
Nice river view, basic green curry. Nothing special. Quite a bit of pandan flavour in the pandan pancake, but had to fight with the strawberry sauce. Bright and comfortable, but certainly not the most complex or refined Thai cooking.

• Fuzzy Grub's, Tooley Street
A delicious and hefty sandwich -- got mine with pork and roasted veg on good soft white bread. Couldn't do without the gravy and cracklings which livened things up considerably.

• M Manze, Tower Bridge Road
A satisfying minced meat pie, reasonably good crust and quite inexpensive. Mash was basic, and liquor was in serious need of salt.

• The Table, Southwark Street
Straightforward and lovely. Flavourful lamb rump, roasted just right. Intense roasted tomatoes, sweet shallots, richly textured potato. Would be back for other things.

• Pure Pies, near the Vault in London Bridge Station
Basic pie and mash stall. The gravy isn't bad, the pies are nice if a touch pricey, although the less than perfect ones on the right side of the display case go for less.

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  1. My flatmate recommends Cafe Nawaz, on Snowsfield (behind Guy's hospital) - apparently very popular with the medics and quite inexpensive. Haven't been there yet, but might be worth a look?

    1. I've only just noticed this thread has Manze's in it too. I went there a few weeks ago. Pie was OK; mash was slightly overprocessed, with the beginnings of the gluey texture/taste/feel that you get from doing it in the blender (not that I ever do this — I like lumpy mash). I agree that the liquor really needed some salt; though I don't know if they do it like this because it's traditional — this was my first encounter with London pie and mash. It was all somewhat improved by the addition of malt vinegar from the huge bottles they have on each table. Definitely cheap; it was £2.70 for all this:

      M Manze
      87 Tower Bridge Rd, Camberwell, Greater London SE1 3, GB