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Jan 27, 2008 09:01 AM

Liu's Kitchen Solano Ave.

My vegan son thought this might be a good option (as we usually go to the one by the Cheeseboard - Vegi House?). Dining room was warm and comfortable if you ignore the electric palm trees.
We ordered seaweed/tofu soup, garlic green beans, sichuan beef, pork chow fun, vegan broccoli chicken and vegan mongolian chicken. The greenbeans and broccoli were crisp and fresh. The other dishes were heavily loaded with celery and onions. We all decided that while the portions were large, there was a definite lack of flavor. I couldn't smell or taste the garlic on the stringbeans.
The vegan chicken was unmistakeably cubed tofu.
Am I jaded by food with MSG? or did we order wrong? I heard the potstickers are good.

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  1. We stoppped going to Liu's a couple years ago because they seemed to be trying to save money by switching from more expensive, seasonal vegetables (red peppers, snow peas, asparagus...) to cheaper ones such as onions and celery. It sounds as though this is still true. The portions have always been huge.

    1. The vegetarian potstickers are tasty and huge, if a bit bland.

      While the vegan mongolian chicken is nice and spicy, the fake meat therein is none too convincing, as you mentioned. For a more realistic fake meat experience at Liu's, opt for the Princess Meatless Chicken or Five Flavors Meatless Chicken. If memory serves, the Princess entree is a breaded and fried fake chicken cutlet served with sauce on the side while the Five Flavors is made up of breaded balls of fake chicken drenched in a tasty sauce.

      I would give them another try and order all different dishes. The portions are very generous, as you mention, and the couple the run the restaurant are very sweet. They are also willing to recommend their favorite dishes to you.

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        Liu's Kitchen
        1593 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707