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Jan 27, 2008 08:50 AM

Lunch Location Near 500 N Michigan

Hosting a small business luncheon in the 500 N Michigan neighborhood -- suggestions?

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  1. Starting with the closest to 500 N Michigan, and moving outward, the following places are all within a few blocks, open for lunch during the week, and suitable for a business lunch (and the food is good too!):

    Sayat Nova (Armenian) -
    Joe's Steak and Seafood -
    Sol y Nieve (Tapas) -
    David Burke's Primehouse (Steaks) -
    Capital Grille (Steaks) -
    Coco Pazzo Cafe (Italian) -
    Shaw's Crab House (Seafood) -

    1. Are you looking for a private room, or just a large table in the dining room? How many people? I would second the Joe's seafood idea, they have wonderful private rooms (for a pretty hefty per person fee) or ample large tables in the dining room, which is relatively quiet at lunch. Just be sure to make a reservation asap, as they fill up quickly. I have worked at several restaurants in that area (including Joe's) and would be happy to give more recommendations with more info. The number of people really matters in where you will have the best experience.