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Jan 27, 2008 08:24 AM

Jeremiah's Italian Ice - Orlando/Maitland

My husband, being from NJ, was very eager to try Jeremiah's Italian Ice when I first mentioned that there was a new "ice-cream" place in town that always seems to have line around it.

Yesterday (on our way home from Udipi Cafe's excellent weekend lunch buffet), we stopped by to check it out.

Having grown up in the midwest, I really didn't know anything about Italian ice before walking up to the order window, so I followed by husband's lead and ordered a small lemon ice. For those like me who are not in the know, Italian ice is not ice cream; it's a very fine, strong flavored "slush" mixture that is generally served in smaller portions and stirred before eaten to break up the accumulated icy bits. This results in a silkier texture than snow, if you've ever eaten that. Later, I also found that my husband acknowledges two Italian ice flavors: cherry and lemon. While I don't think his is a general rule shared amongst all Italian Ice fans, I can assure you that Jeremiah's has many, many more flavors to choose from than that.

My first bites were silky, sweet, and lemony with chewy little bits of lemon zest mixed in. As I continued through my dessert, the zest seemed to grab more and more palate-space and what was at first sweet, sweet, sweet became a wonderful balance of sugar, acid, and bitter lemon flavors. My husband, by the way, was quiet during most of the dessert eating, but was smiling when he finished and stated that the lemon ice is an ample representation of what he ate during his childhood summers.

In all, I highly recommend this place if you are looking for something different than the current lackluster ice cream offerings in Orlando. I'm almost looking forward to summer now...ummm...okay, not really, but I do think that Jeremiah's will make my summertime experience much more pleasurable.

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  1. I like Italian ice a lot -- it's lighter and healthier than ice cream, doesn't leave you with that greasy "mouth feel" that ice cream often does, and tastes more refreshing on hot days as a result. I love sorbet and gelato for similar reasons. Jeremiah's is great because they have so many interesting flavors. Strawberry and lemon are my go-to favorites, but whenever I drive by the location on 17-92 in Maitland, there's usually a line queued up outside and I rarely have time to linger. There is another Jeremiah's location on Aloma, just east of 436 in Goldenrod, and a third in the shopping center at University and Alafaya across from UCF, right next to Lazy Moon Pizzeria.

    1. I've been going to Jeremiah's for several years now and love it. I believe the location on Aloma is the original and on weekends and late nights you can see cars lined up for "drive through" service and the employees hopping from one car to the next taking orders and delivering the ice. I love the "strawberry lemon" flavor, the one that already combines the two together, and then combined with the soft serve to make a "gelati" is just delicious. It was great that they opened a location close to the university. I always see tons of students lined up for the tasty treat. I guess Jeremiah's has now been placed as my go to frosty dessert now that Il Gelatone has closed.

      1. Hi -- I'm fairly new here (my first post), but I thought I'd chime in... My son goes to UCF, and he suggested Jeremiah's after lunch when I was there about 2 weeks ago. He said that he really liked the gelati, so I gave it a try. He ordered a P-nutty -- said it was very good but prefers cookies and cream. I wasn't really paying attention to what a gelati was, so I was surprised by the soft serve layers. Next time I'll probably go for the straight up italian ice, but the parfait version was so different, and so good. The soft serve is so creamy.....

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        1. re: Ayelene

          It's so funny, I'm at UCF all the time and have never seen the Jeremiah's!

          I'm going to have to try the soft serve the next time I go - after frozen custard, soft serve is my favorite frozen treat....

          If only Orlando could get a Ritter's; I would be content in my frozen options.

          1. re: jazzy77

            It's been a few years since I was there, but have you been to the Ritter's in Port Orange? As for me, I spent a couple years in Louisville and really miss the Black Raspberry Chip from Graeter's.

            1. re: John Graham

              Yes, there's one in Clermont as well....

              Mmmm...Graeter's, I used to go there when I lived in Columbus, OH. Their banana crunch ice cream with some bittersweet chocolate fudge was to die for.

            2. re: jazzy77

              It's in that long strip mall at the corner of University and Alafaya. There's a stand-alone McDonald's and a few other structures, and the strip mall makes an "L" shape around them. Lazy Moon Pizzeria is in there, along with a little Jamaican restaurant I keep meaning to try, a bar called Underground Bluz with a great beer selection, an Indian place, a Vietnamese place, and a Bad Apple Comics store.

              If you want to try another Italian ice place, they just opened Rita's Italian Ice on 17-92 in Maitland, practically across the street (just a little bit south, on the opposite side of the street) from the Jeremiah's location in your OP. It's that new little shopping center with a Shane's Rib Shack and Qdoda. I haven't been there yet, but it sounds awesome:

              1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                We came *this* close to eating at the Jamaican place but ended up at Fusion. The service was painfully slow, but the tempura was decent. What we fell in love with were the house rolls. Our waitress said they were California rolls, but she didn't tell us they were prepared like tempura. Oh man, they were soooo good. :)
                Anyway, Jeremiah's is a tiny walk-up place. It was very quiet when we were there, but that was on a weekday afternoon. My son assured me that it gets crazy busy in the evenings, as I expected -- great ices, great prices, and next to Lazy Moon (another favorite college student spot.) We'll be up there again next weekend - I'll have to try to work in a visit so my hubby & daughter can try it, too.

                1. re: Ayelene

                  It's been probably a year since I last ate at the Jamaican place but remember it being very tasty. Also, Millie herself was often there to suggest dishes and practically entertain us with her jokes and not to mention her accent. Unfortunately I haven't seen too many patrons inside lately so I'm not sure how the food is or how much longer it may be open. I guess I'll have to go sometime and up the recommendations.

                2. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  I just tried some of Rita's frozen custard yesterday on my way home from work. I had a kid size coffee flavor cone. It was very good, but I'm not sure it's really custard (they use a soft serve machine to dish it out, which makes me wonder about authenticity). Having said that, it's very smooth and heavenly for soft serve. I'll definately be back, probably this weekend.

                  1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                    I've tried Rita's's definitely NOT in the same league as Jeremiah's! Jeremiah's flavors and textures are far superior. My daughter is a huge Jeremiah's fan, and I can't wait until the fall for their pumpkin flavored ice...make it a gelati with vanilla soft serve...mmmmm.

                    1. re: jazzy77

                      The Jeremiah's is in the Knight's Corner shopping area and is right next to Lazy Moon Pizza. It has been open for about a year and a half now.

                      edit: oops, should have read the rest of the post before restating information.

                  2. I'm obsessed with the blueberry flavor at Jeremiah's. It doesn't taste like blueberry.. it just tastes blue. Delicious!