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Jan 27, 2008 08:18 AM

Saturday Brunch in Baltimore

We have a lot of out of town guests coming in this Friday and are staying at the Waterfront Marriott. We would like to take everyone out for a nice brunch on Saturday. Does anyone know of a good place in downtown Baltimore? I really appreciate the help!

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  1. Saturday brunch is more difficult than Sunday brunch. Also, are you looking for places within walking distance vs. having to drive or taxi to a location? Finally, are "a lot of out of town guests" 4 to 8 persons, or 8 to 16 persons?

    Fortunately your hotel is in the up-and-coming Harbor East neighborhood, so there are some places around for Saturday lunch. Also the Little Italy neighborhood is close, and on the southern (closest) edge of that I'd recommend Cafe Gia on Eastern Avenue.

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      We have about 12-15 people staying at the hotel. So it's a pretty large group. I Maybe we will just try a lunch. Thanks!

      1. re: GCPowers

        Check out a few places within walking distance -- Lebanese Taverna and Cinghiale. Not sure if they're open for lunch though. There's also a website covering the entire Harbor East neighborhood. Not sure of the URL but google Harbor East Baltimore and I'm sure you'll find it. Enjoy!

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          The only place l know of that offers Saturday brunch is Yellow Dog Tavern in Canton, but I have not eaten there yet.

    2. Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton has a Saturday and Sunday brunch menu (pretty sure it's both days) as well as their regular menu.

      1. Gertrude's at the BMA has a wonderful brunch, Sat-Sun.

        1. Believe that Golden West (Hampden) and Miss Shirley's (Cold Spring Lane) also have good brunches on Sat.