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Jan 27, 2008 08:17 AM

Oishii Too, Fugakyu Cafe (Sudbury)

We live in Sudbury and are lucky to have two reputable sushi places in town. Fugakyu is our go-to place for takeout, and we've eaten in a few times too, with and without the toddler. We've been generally very happy with it. Our favorites include the salmon nigiri and yellowtail nigiri (both have always been great), unagi, the Baked Lobster Maki (awesome but not traditional in the least), Rainbow Maki, Spicy Scallop or Spicy Tuna Maki, Spider Maki, and Lousiana Maki (love it, but not quite as good as Fugakyu in Brookline for some reason). The only roll I wasn't thrilled with was the Tuna Lovers Maki - it wasn't bad, just kind of bland. All in all, a great place to have in the area.

We were getting a little bored with ordering the standards at Fugakyu, and it was my birthday, and we had a babysitter (yes!), so we decided to try Oishii Too for the first time. I had heard so many great things about Oishii, so I was totally anxious to go. We expected to have to wait. We got there around 8 and put our name down with cell #, and drove down the road to Lotus Blossom to get a drink (there is no bar other than the sushi bar at Oishii - it's pretty small unlike Fugakyu). They called us when a table got their check and we came back. Unfortunately the table took another half hour to leave, so we had to stand there and wait - not a big deal, but there's not really any good place to stand. Once we sat down around 9 pm though, I liked the vibe of the place, definitely more of a date place than Fugakyu (although there were people there with children). We started with the "new style tuna sashimi" which was really good - slightly seared around the edges and served with tomato, radish, and sweet ginger dressing. Great start. Then we had Amy's Maki (unagi and avocado topped with hamachi and ponzu) - really good, much better than I was even expecting. We also got Jeffrey's Maki and sushi for 2. Jeffrey's Maki is spicy scallop, crabstick and scallions on top of avocado maki served hot. Sounds much better than it actually tasted. The scallops were really bland. The flavors just really didn't meld together. I was kind of disappointed on that one. The sushi for two had tuna, salmon, yellowtail, squid, unagi, fluke, suzuki, and one other I can't remember, as well as tekka maki and california roll, which we didn't eat much of. I was expecting the fish to be much better than Fugakyu based on what I'd heard, but that was not my experience. In fact, the yellowtail was kind of fishy (which was surprising, since it was good on the Amy's Maki). And it was cut into such a giant piece that I stupidly put into my mouth all at once, that I was stuck with a mouthful of not-so-great-tasting fish. Yuck. Overall, I wasn't impressed. Then, since we are gluttons, we decided to get one more roll (actually my husband decided, I was pretty full). When we asked the server, she said the sushi bar was closing up and she thought that we were done ordering. Ok fine, but you could have told us. She was too busy watching figure skating on the TV over the bar. They ended up making us an Alligator Maki that was pretty sloppy, not surprisingly. It was ok, not great. It had cucumber in it, which I hate, and wasn't in the description. The server kept teasing us about how much we ate "you eat so much!". A little embarrassing.

I don't see what the fuss is. The sushi we order at Fugakyu Cafe is more to my liking than Oishii Too. Plus, if you have to wait at Fugakyu, there's a bar there. I think the service is friendlier at Fugakyu, and I've never had them make fun of how much I eat (although I've never ordered this much at Fugakyu, maybe we should test that). And I think it's a little less expensive than Oishii Too. So for all of you Oishii fans, you'll have one less person in front of you in line. ;-)

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  1. I've been to Oishii Too on several occasions and, as MrsCheese anticipates, my opinion is quite different - was there a week ago or so and had great sushi all the way around - in particular had the eggplant app, which is cut and plated like a bed of nigiri sushi - cooked on the grill - dressed with some sort of sauce - the yummiest eggplant I've had anywhere in a while. Never had sloppy sushi there either. Heck, I have driven out to Sudbury to eat rather deal with the wait at the Chestnut Hill branch or other spots in town.

    I've been to the Fugakyu Cafe in the past (although not in a while) and found it to be similar to the one in Brookline, which I think is overrated. Heh - so different strokes for different folks, but one thing is certain - a surprising supply of sushi in Sudbury.

    1. I like Fugakyu, but I LOVE Oishii, Too -- so happy to hear of potentially less future crowding there -- I drive 30 minutes to go there, wait if necessary (usually) and drive 30 minutes back home -- it NEVER disappoints us.

      The lobster tempura special we had last time was extraordinary and tops our list of current food memories worth revisiting soon which also includes the baby hamachi with hot peppers from there.

      They have renovated (seems a little trendier, but not really better to me than before) and the service does seem a little off now, but for me, the freshness and flavors beat every other sushi I've been to north of NYC and east of the Bay Area - it's in a different league from the others.

      1. MrsCheese might want to stick to cheese dishes rather than sushi. The quality, selection, and overall taste sensations at Oishii Too so vastly outpace those at Fugakyu that it is laughable. Sure, if you want to order salmon sashimi or a California roll, Fugakyu is sufficient, but try going there and ordering a true delicacy like torched hamachi maki. They look at you like you have two heads.

        During the two months that Oishii Too was renovating, my wife and I tried Fugakyu on several occasions. The cooked food is excellent, but the sushi doesn't come close.

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          No need to be rude, Connective. I think it's just as important to share unpopular opinions on this board as it is to chime in and agree with the regulars. I was obviously surprised and disappointed with our lackluster experience at Oishii. To each his/her own.

        2. There is people that know sushi and then there are people that go out for sushi...I live in town...have gone to both probably dozens of times...Oishii is on another level...get the fatty tuna...not even close...ask Kong to make you something special off the menu just based on his talent and immagination and he will...try that at Fugakyu and you will get blank stares...only thing missing...Fugakyu has a liquor license so no martinis at Oishii...but if you are a regular...the Oisshii family will get to know you and they are wonderful people...not to say that Fugakyu isn't....they try really hard...but still just a business to Oishii's, it their passion...JMHO.