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Jan 27, 2008 08:07 AM

Chocolate and Wine

i searched the website and got some different choices as far as chocolate pairings, with various types of wines... but i was wondering if anyone had anything specific and personal that they always enjoyed when they do wine/food/chocolate pairings. (for an example, i had a cupcake chardonnay from the World Market, and served it with Ahi Tuna Crostini, and its become a favorite of mine)

i was also hoping to try to find some pairings for exotic chocolates, also. such as these:

i'm not even sure if this should be in this forum. if not let me know, and i'll move it!

so thanks for your input if you have any!

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  1. The Vosges web site has suggested wine pairings for their bars:

    Also see this thread on the Wine board about an all-chocolate dinner:

    Me, I like Zinfandel or a big, soft cab/merlot blend with dark chocolate truffles.


    1. braquetto di aqui (spelling?). good pairing for a desert. i also like the zin idea!!!

      1. Port. A good, rich, dark chocolate, a little fruit (fresh and/or dried, depending on the season), a few nuts, and a glass of port is an old stand-by for dessert when I go home to visit Mom and Dad.

        1. I was given a bottle of Rosa Regal and advised to drink it with chocolate. Family had it recommended and used in a dinner pairing in a restaurant a while back, and stated that while they were initially skeptical, it was fantastic. Haven't tried it yet though !

          1. I like pinot noir with not-to-dark dark chocolate.