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Jan 27, 2008 07:37 AM

Chocolate truffle wars

Roni-Sue vs. Kee's vs. Torres vs. Teuscher vs. Marcolini vs. Maison vs. Payard vs. Vosges vs. Richart. Who wins in a melt-down?

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  1. I can easily remove Roni-Sue from my list - tried them last week and thought they were pretty mediocre. Haven't tried Torres, and it's been a long time since I've had anything but Kee's. I do love the Teuscher champagne truffles.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I liked Roni-Sue. Which ones did you try?

      1. re: guttergourmet

        The Manhattan one, coconut, plus some other assorted chocolates - a pistachio, a three layer hazelnut thing, don't remember the others off hand. To be fair, I do really have a general preference for dark chocolate, particularly when combined with other flavors - and I think most, if not all, her chocolates were milk chocolate. I *almost* threw the last two pieces out but, well, chocolate IS chocolate. She was very sweet etc., and I felt bad that I didn't really like them.

      2. re: MMRuth

        Amen to Kee's! Have you tried the green tea truffle? It's divine.

      3. I had no idea there was a war! ;o)

        Put me down for one vote for Kee's with a half vote for Torres if there is a tiebreaker.

        One thing in Torres' favor is that the Village location has a lot more going on than just truffles and even a few tables to enjoy your chocolate.

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          > One thing in Torres' favor is that the Village location has a lot more going on than just truffles ...

          Agreed - lots of smaller, less expensive items like cocoa-dusted almonds, little squares of chocolate studded with candied ginger, nuts, etc. The past couple years I've taken care of a good chunk of my Xmas list there. Usually I err on the side of overshopping - strictly unintentional - and then my house is full of snacks. For a short time, anyway.

        2. Marcolini, but I also love Kee's, Maison, and Teuscher champagne truffles. I'm not a big fan of Vosges, and I haven't tried the others.

          1. The only chocolate truffles I ever eat in NYC are from Something Sweet (on the corner near Venero's (sp?) in the east village. They're yummy and she almost always gives you one as a bonus if you buy a lot of stuff (which I usually do).

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            1. re: Blackness

              In terms of quality and creativity, it goes to vosges. Because they are all natural and have very interesting flavors. But taste, it would probably be a tie between vosges and teuscher. The others on the list, are standard "gourmet chocolate". If you arnt open to trying new things, or don't really have an interest in chocolate you won't like vosges.

              1. re: schecter1953

                Have you been to Kee's? I don't think they're standard chocolates, first place to make a creme brulee chocolate. I haven't seen a kaffir lime chocolate at any other chocolate store? The chocolates are so fresh, delicate, lightly sweet with clear natural flavors.

                I like the champagne truffles at Teuscher, but Vosges nor Teuscher would be top of my list.

                Kee then a gap, Richart or Maison Du Chocolat. I thought Richart NYC closed years ago. I haven't liked Jacques Torres chocolates in a long time, the quality has deteriorated since he went mass market. Other than their interesting tchotchkes, hot cocoa, I wouldn't bother with them. Marcolini's is no longer in NY as well and Ronnie Sue is not on the same level. Payard's chocolates are very good but not with the same level of care, flavor and quality as Kee's.

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