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Sep 3, 2001 09:44 PM


  • k

Ten years ago I remember eating at a restaurant just north of LA on the coastal road. the seafood was very good. Is it still a good deal? Please help!

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  1. m
    Mike Kilgore

    Sounds like Neptune's Net on PCH just South of the Ventura County line. There have been a few recent posts that have pretty much trashed this place. However, if the weather is nice and you want a roadside shack picnic table feeling for lunch, it won't cost you much to form your own opinion.

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    1. re: Mike Kilgore

      Has anyone tried Bob Morris's Paradise Cove place around Zuma Beach? Great setting but have no input on the food issue.

      1. re: carter

        Accentuating the positive -- great setting. Really great setting! And the only place I know of in LA where you can actually sit in a chair ON THE BEACH and be served alcoholic beverages. For this alone, at sunset, it's worth four stars. But the food? Just order something to nibble while drinking, then go elsewhere.

    2. what about the Reel Inn? on the inland side of the PCH like 15 minutes out of LA.