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Jan 27, 2008 06:37 AM

Myrtle Beach Dinning

We have second home in MB and we are always looking for recommendations for new, good places to eat .Please help us out .Some of our favorites are.. NY Prime ,Sea Captains House ,Franks ,Austins,Carolina Roadhouse and Thoughbreeds

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  1. Have you tried Collector's Cafe and Sea Blue

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    1. re: PaulaWF

      Capt Daves Dockside ans Lees Inlet kitchen in Murrells Inlet are two fantastic places!

      1. re: LaLa

        What are the best dishes @ this place .obviously fish is the food of choice .. thanks

        1. re: big1515

          At Dockside I like the pan fried grouper or shrimp and grits and they have two or three amazing specials each night....and they have the best Sunday brunch!
          Lee's is more old style family ...I always get the red clam chowder anf the cold broiled shrimp,,,,they have the best hush puppies on the whole strand.

      2. re: PaulaWF

        never been to collector we eat @ Bone Fish accross the street .What kind of food @ collectors ?

      3. Have you tried Parson's Table or Chiantis South? We drive down to MB when we stay at Oak Island and would try those two first if we were willing to drive home after dinner. Both have Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. I do a few people that have eaten at both and had positive things to say. Pat and Mike's always look busy as well. We have had lunch at Greg Norman's Barefoot landing. Adequate and the few is nice as the back of the restaurant faces a canal. Outside dining too I believe.

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          Have eaten @Chiantis south.. not a bad stop ..Pat and mikes is aways good after golf ,good bar food (deli sandwiches ),beer is alway cold ..Greg Normans is over priced and very over rated,side dishes are very weak ..up that way is Cagney's which is MUCH better ..Rockafellers is a good raw bar in that neck of the woods ..How is Umbetos in Little River?

        2. Head South to Pawley's Island and try Orobosa's, Frank's Outback, and Louis's or Louis's Fish Camp.

          Murrells Inlet try Russells or Prossers BBQ.

          I think Collectors has gone downhill.

          Have heard wonderful things about Benny Rappas.

          Rockefellers and Biminis are both raw bars but have both gone way downhill in recent years. Nasty dirty so I've stopped going to both.

          Love Greg Norman's. Thoroughbred's is also very good.

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          1. re: BlueHerons

            Hi, BlueHerons! Have you tried Rocco's at Pawley's or have you heard anyone say how it is? I haven't had a chance to eat there yet but plan to the next time I'm over that way. Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

            1. re: Cpt Wafer

              Where is Rocco's always like to try new places ..What type of food .. ?? I bet Italian ...

              1. re: big1515

                Mostly Italian I believe. Not certain as I haven't been. Check it out and let us know what you think.

                Rocco's (843) 235-3674

                13313 Ocean Highway
                Pawley's Island, SC 29585

              2. re: Cpt Wafer

                No, I'm sorry I haven't tried it nor have I heard of it. I'll keep my ear to the ground and post if I do hear.

                1. re: BlueHerons

                  One of the owners is Kevin Desmarais. I think he was in management at Louis' for a number of years. Here's a link to a short article about Rocco's. Scroll down the page to find it.


                  1. re: Cpt Wafer

                    I'm sort of perplexed by the article. While I love Frank's and Frank's Outback, Rioz is nasty.

                    Firstly, they use really cheap cuts of meat except for the filet, then roll the meat in salt, then put the skewer on a chain driven conveyor belt rotissierie that cooks with propane gas.

                    I will say the salad bar there was exceptional.

                    Would I go back? Not on your life. Our tab for three people with two glasses of wine each and two deserts with gratuity was $250.

                    1. re: BlueHerons

                      Well, you've got to consider who put Rioz on the list (Billy Prato of Diane's). I ate at his restaurant one time. Ordered lobster bisque. The base tasted just like Campbell's Tomato Soup. I wouldn't be interested in anyplace he thought was good. Particularly an all-you-can-eat deal.

                      Based on your posts about the area and the restaurant biz I just thought you might know or had heard of Kevin Desmarais.

                      Back to the article. One of the other restaurants was The Fat Hen. It's at the top of my list to try the next time I'm in Charleston. Would you happen to have any info about it?

                      1. re: Cpt Wafer

                        Cap Wafer;
                        you are obviously well informed about MB ...has the new Bone Fish Grill opened in Garden City Yet ?? ..Have you eaten @ Caruso;s the old Rossini's near the Air force base exit just off 17 bypass .If so what are your thoughts .. thanks .. Where is the BEST italian @ the Beach

                        1. re: big1515

                          Bonefish at Surfside is open. I haven't eaten at Caruso's. I think I'll give it a shot next time I'm over that way. Things at the beach change so often it's hard to keep up.

                          As far as Italian goes there are so many Italian places I haven't tried I wouldn't hazard a guess as to which one is best. I've enjoyed meals at Benny Rappa's (they serve a special garlic/cheese bread that's hard to get enough of. I liked their eggplant parm, too. Ate at Chianti South a while back. Had a great cavatelli primi but the ossobuco was a big disappointment. Great wine list and the owner will give you an excellent recommendation without trying to upsell you.

                          Used to love Antipasto's in Surfside. Just a little joint run by some folks from NJ. Good lord everything they served was great. Alas, I'm certain it has changed hands and gone so far downhill as to be worthless. I am depressed about that one.

                          I've had good Italian at Bella Napoli on Dick Pond Rd. (Hwy 544) It's in a little strip center and is a locals type place. That's none reason I like it. They have a very good spinach and sausage appetizer and I've had good luck with the seafood specials. If you don't see something on the menu that strikes your fancy they will make you what you want (within reason).

                          Have you been to Toffino's. It's on Farrow Parkway (MB Air Force Base). Great little lunch spot. They serve subs and pizza and have an on site bakery with loads of Italian stuff. Very good.

                          Basically, I like to eat where the owner is present and involved.

                          Well, that's about all I got for right now.

                          1. re: Cpt Wafer

                            I have eaten @ Bella Napoli with the little bar in the back ..I thought it had some great stuff .I am a Jersey guy and we have many great italian places in our neck of the woods ..I have heard that Benny Rappa's does it right .I also agree with Chianti south ,but is a little far from my place @ Riverwalk @Arrowhead Golf Course ..(hwy 501) ..Rossini" was the best I found in MB ,but owner/chef Ross past away and Caruso's took it's place ..Thanks for info ..Oh ! check out ''Myrtle Beach golf Assocation'' on the web ....they rate eateries and do a good assesment

                            1. re: big1515

                              Big, please don't pay attention to MBG Association. It is no such thing and the reviews are those of one disgruntled long time MB resident. While I like him, he gives a couple of ufair reviews and it is totally a one man show.

                              Are you speaking of Rossi's in the Galleria? Owner Dean Rossi is still alive but has never been executive chef in his own restaurant. It is still alive and well and very good.

                              1. re: BlueHerons

                                No....Rossini's which was on 17 bypass just south of the AF base gate..It is now Caruso's ...That place was owned by Ross Kosis a very prominate chef from the"" Manor"" in West Orange NJ Mbga is a fraud ..who is this guy and what is motivation ..He has really done some damage to some eateries and golf courses .It use to be you could not email MBGA ,but now you can ..interesting .please respond ..Thanks

                                1. re: big1515

                                  I know the gentleman personally and I do like him he just has some serious axe to grind.

                                  He used to have a blog, I'll see if I can find it, that slammed everyone from The Sun News to Burroughs & Chapin to The Chamber of Commerce to Coastal Carolina College.

                                  Yes, he has done some serious damage to local eateries and golf courses which is why I ask people to ignore his site.

                                  Found it! Here is the blog:


                                  1. re: BlueHerons

                                    WOW.. I can see why he does not want to be identfied .This guy is seriously driven ..He seems to have focused on all areas and people @ the Beach ,but he seems to have left Clay Britton and his holdings alone ? very interesting..

              3. re: BlueHerons

                I agree Bimini's is a dive .. Greg Normans side dishes are weak ,but the main courses are top shelve /over priced ...What kind of food @ Orobosa's .. Have you heard any thing on the Mayors House ..down that way ..
                Benny Rappas has been mentioned as being good Italian ..where is it /prices? thanks Big1515

                1. re: big1515

                  Benny Rapas is in North Myrtle Beach I believe. Orobasas is Low Country.

                  The Mayors House has been around for a long long time but I haven't eaten there since the 1980s. Not for any other reason that I just haven't.

                  Bumz in Pawleys Island is good as is the brew pub (can't think of the name) right around the corner from it.

                2. re: BlueHerons

                  Buleherons and CptWafer:
                  agree Biminis is a mess and why doesn't the Health Dept look in to this place ,Maybe our man from MBGA should investagate !!..,but Rockellers has some hope . Both Shuckers are just ok ..Creek Ratz has some interest as a raw bar ,but what do you 'all consider the best Raw bar and why is good lobster so rare @ the Beach?

                  1. re: big1515

                    Lobster is rare because it isn't local and it is expensive.

                    The best lobster in town are is the Fried Lobster at Rossi's.

                    Biminis used to be excellent before it's owner Rick died several years ago. It was spotless for 20 years. Now you walk in and it is just nasty.

                    Rockefellers was bought by the guy who was the managing partner of Dick's Last Resort so he knows a thing or two about food.

                    Best 'raw' bar is Russel's or Creek Ratz in Murrells Inlet.

                    1. re: BlueHerons

                      Creek Ratz with thier ''shag '' Beach "" music and fried pickels is a fun place ..I will try Russel,s in April when I return ..In that area I do not like Drunkin' Jacks very disapointing ..thanks