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Jan 27, 2008 05:49 AM

Babyback Ribs

OK. So I'm a pork-eating Jew from NYC. What do I know from Barbecue? I've heard where to go for "authentic" this-style, or that-style BBQ, but all I want is a great, big portion of Babyback Ribs in the style of the ones you used to be able to get at Wiley's on 1st Avenue. Theirs were usually pretty mediocre, however, and I want good ribs. Not 'rubbed' , but gooey, with sauce. There's a place in Connecticut off of Rt. 84 called (of all things) Brannigan's-The Place For Ribs, which, if any of you have been to, are the kind I'm looking for. Yum.

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  1. We've never been to Brannigan's, so I can't make any comparisons. However, here's my view with regard to ribs in Manhattan.

    RUB has babybacks, I thought they were very tasty. I can't remember now if they were dry-rubbed or, as you say, "gooey." But there was a good sauce because that's what I like with my ribs.

    Blue Smoke has babybacks. They were o.k., but I can't say I loved them. However, it's been quite a long time since I tried them, so it's possible they've improved.

    Daisy May's ribs are truly delicious. Though I don't think they're babyback, the Kansas City sweet & sticky pork ribs might please you. And, of course, there's sauce.

    Btw, we've passed that Brannigan's on 84 dozens of times on the many trips we've taken to Quebec over the years, and I've often wondered how good the ribs are there. I, too, love babybacks (though I'm not against the regular style of pork ribs), so we'll have to stop and try them next time we head up that way.

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      IAWR. DM's are the best in NYC, but not what you are after.

      But I have been to Brannigan's and if that is what you want you need to go to Dallas BBQ in the city - you will think you are back in CT.

      But consider trying one of the better options here in the city ;o)

      1. re: seal

        Not speaking from personal experience, and I know it's a chain...but Houston's has received mention on this board previously for their baby back ribs.


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          i love my Rub and Hill Country and whatnot but i never turn down a business lunch at houstons for their ribs...that place is just fine with me.

    2. Yes, Houston's is the way to go....

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        1. Dinosaur makes a great rack of babybacks.

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            Got to go with Houstons for the ribs you are looking for. Fall off the bones, gooey and tons of meat.

            1. re: princeofpork

              Thanks, all, for your input. I think I'll have to try them all and get back to you!

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