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Jan 27, 2008 05:40 AM

Pizza in Piazza della Minerva: Please help if you can

I am desperate to find the names of some places I loved when I lived in Rome; one such place is a small pizzeria right off of Piazza della Minerva. If you're walking east, going opposite the Pantheon, this place would be "behind" the Piazza. There is (or was) an internet point on the left, I believe, and the pizzeria was on the left.

I recall a pizza there that had finely diced tomatoes mixed with even smaller bits of anchovies and spices. It was INCREDIBLE.

Can anyone help me get more specifics -- either with a name or an exact location (i.e. street name) of the pizzeria and maybe a perfect description of what is on the pizza I so fondly recall. I'd love to recreate that pizza... for old time's sake.

Grazie mille

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  1. It would be helpful to have more information. When did you last go there? What is the name of its street (look at a map)? Is it a sit-down pizzeria or a pizza al taglio?

    1. I last went there two years ago. I'm not 100 percent certain, but I think it's on Via del pie de Marmo. And it's pizza al taglio.


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        There is a pizza al taglio on via Pie' di Marmo, but no Internet point (lots of new stuff though). It is always crowded, often with people lined up outside, which is very rare, so it must be good. I walk past it on my way to and from my gym class and am always dying to go it but (a) would be embarrassed if one of my classmates saw me eating pizza after class, and (b) figure it would negate the class in any case, and (c) it really is always too crowded. However, in the interest of research I'll see if I can poke my nose in, but not if there are people lined up outside. In any case, diced ripe tomatoes, chopped anchovies, hot pepper flakes, and olive oil sounds right.

      2. error above -- the internet point was on the left and the pizzeria was on the RIGHT.

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          That's a terrific little area--between the religious clothing stores, the art supplies, the pizza, and the Foot!