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Jan 26, 2008 11:25 PM

bj's brewery

this is a great find in the sunset valley area off brodie lane next to red robins,the place feels like a sports bar but has a menu more extensive than cheescake factory.they make their own brews and hard ciders and make root beer and creme soda on the premises.all the dishes are plentiful and reasonable along with tastin gf great.try the wings which are great and not greasy,the clam chowder was very tasty and loaded with clams.the deep dish pizza ius my sons fav and i agree.very tasty and filling.i aslo had the burgers and they are juicy angus beef,try the cuban one espcially and last try the shrimp scampi flavorful and loaded with can get crowded and the waits arent too bad but for dinner come early before 6 or after 830. the correct name is bj's brewhouse and thaey have a 2nd one in temple texas and hope to open a 3rd in 2009 or 10 in north austin.

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  1. This is a chain that started in California.

    haven't been there yet, but I do know that they contract the brewing of their beers to St Arnolds.

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      We had one when I lived in Vegas, it was suprisingly good for a chain, I will give a try here!

    2. I wanted it to be good. The house beer is decent, although the pale ale has more of an English Ale taste for my liking. They do have a wide selection of non house brews, so my second was a very good Sierra Nevada Celebration.

      Unfortunately, the food and (particularly) service was not on par.

      We ordered dumplings as an appetizer for 4 and they arrived quickly along with our drinks. Not an expert, but I would guess these were frozen first. Overcooked on the outside and tasteless on the inside.

      Rest was a disaster. Took over 30 minutes more for the entrees. Finally a manager came by and told us we were getting our meal comped. Then three of us had our meals delivered. The fourth (my teenage daughter, who I'm sure you'll not be surprised was not so understanding) had her pizza delivered at least 5 more minutes later. It was tasty when it finally arrived (after everyone else was done), but I'm a sucker for deep dish.

      I ordered the fish tacos, which the say on the menu is their specialty. It says lightly fried, but these were crusted and appeared deep fried. They were served tepid, as if they'd been sitting out a while. The guacamole side was good, though. Others in the group had a salad and a burger, both of which were uneventful.

      Slow service will keep us from going back. If the food would have been top notch, might have resulted in a second look.Unfortunately, that's not the case in a part of town that really needs a decent mid level restaurant.


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        here's my 1 minute review of this place. Good beer. A porter and hefeweissen were both tasty, and good representatives of the style. Food on par with Chili's. Decent, but not spectacular. Burger was ok, but at $9, I expected more. Wife's chips on fish and chips were battered (as mentioned in a previous post by somebody). That's a strike against 'em in my book.
        Service was ok the time we went, and it was crowded.