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Jan 26, 2008 11:12 PM

Hyde Street Bistro vs. Frisson?

Both menus look good, both have room for our party of 12, and both menus read reasonably well.

Hyde Street Bistro looks like it'll be less expensive and more filling.

What are people's thoughts on which has the better foods, hands down?

The group I'm dining with this time tends to go for bang for buck. Precious portions and haute flavors are not necessary at all. We want tasty, filling, and reasonably priced.

Frascati is also in the running; is the food comparable to Hyde Street Bistro?

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  1. I dislike the food at both Frisson and Hyde Street Bistro, for the following reasons:

    Frisson: Trendy, poorly executed, and like you said, small portions.
    Hyde Street: Terrible-quality food (Sysco-esque). No seasonable/sustainable element. High prices for what you get.

    Now Frascati on the other hand, that's a spot worth eating at. Leagues beyond the above two. And super charming - especially the cozy private room.