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Jan 26, 2008 10:26 PM

Dinner: Perilla vs. Tavern Room @ Gramercy Tavern vs. Bar Room @ the Modern?

As I have posted here before seeking your advice, we'll be visiting NYC from SF for 3.5 days in mid-February. So many options, so little time... I've narrowed down dinner for one of the nights to these three restaurants: Perilla, Tavern Room @ Gramercy Tavern, and Bar Room @ the Modern. Based on food and the overall bang for the bucks, which would you choose and why? Also, what is the typical wait for a two top at the Tavern Room during prime dinner time on a Thursday night?

For reference, our tentative food itenary for the other days is lunch at Jean-Georges with dinners at probably Degustation/Alta and Eleven Madison Park.

Thanks for all your comments!

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  1. I would definitely go to the Bar Room at the Modern....with the Tavern at Gramercy coming in second. I have never heard anything good about Perilla.

    If you go to the Bar Room at the Modern....the Alsatian Tart, The Roasted Garlic Gnocchi and the Lamb were all REALLY nice!

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      I completely disagree. We live near Perilla and go their fairly often, and I have to say it has become one of my favorite restaurants in the city. The food is delicious with the menu changing frequently, and the staff always makes us feel comfortable..

      I ate at the Modern (in the main dining room- which shares the same kitchen) this weekend. Although it was very nice, i was actually a bit disapointed in the food. It wasn't bad, but nothing wow'ed me. The foie gras with juniper marinated raisins was inferior to the Foie at Perilla, 11 Madison and Jean Georges. (If a restaurant has it, I tend to get it). The lobster and the guinea hen were both nice but again, the flavors didn't wow me. As far as Danny Meyer restaurants go, 11 Madison is my favorite.

      But whereever you choose, sounds like you are going to have one great week of eating! Have a good trip.

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        "I have never heard anything good about Perilla." ?????


        There have been many posts about Perilla on this board, and they have been uniformly positive. Just do a search.... (Note: I have not been there.)

      2. I'd go w/the Tavern Room at GT. I've only been to the Bar Room at the Modern once a couple of years ago and to Perilla once this past summer, but neither impressed me as much as the Tavern Room. For a party of 2 on a Saturday around 9, I've waited about 20-30 minutes.

        1. I haven't been to the other two, but Perilla is one of my favorites. The food is creative and I always feel I've gotten my money's worth.

          1. Hi purple gartor,

            I have been to all 3 restaurants, and I generally agreed with the assessment of BW212 on Bar Room at the Modern. The food is fine but nothing to be overly excited about. Also, on my multiple visits over the years, the food is quite inconsistent. Sometimes things could go well, and sometimes not. (note: I went there quite often only because my friends love the sceney ambience and the drinks ^_^") The service was probably one of the worst among Danny Meyer's restaurants.

            The Tavern Room of Gramercy Tavern has food better than the bar room, but if you are going to EMP, I will skip that because it will seem pale when compared to EMP.

            When the rest of your plan (lunch at JG and dinner at Degustation (I will definitely pick degustation over Alta), I will suggest Perilla over the other two because of what I mentioned above. Also, Perilla is slightly different IMO because it is more cozy and homey and the dishes are not as "structured" as those in Jean Georges and EMP. The use of Asian elements in the dishes is also different from JG's style. I think Perilla will add something different to your dining itinerary.

            Of course being able to make reservation ahead of time is always a plus when you are on the road.

            Hope you have a wonderful trip.

            1. Thanks for all the advice! Perilla, it is!

              Okay, for our Spanish night... Degustation or Casa Mono?

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                  I know it's not one of your stated choices, but you might want to consider Pamplona. In my view, Chef/owner Alex Urena is serving some of the most delicious Spanish cuisine around. Far more comfortable seating than the exceedingly cramped Casa Mono.