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Afghan Grill - North Dallas

Wow! This was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. A great surprise.


The owner told me that he moved this restaurant from DC. A quick search found that our brethren in DC held this restaurant in high regard. See below:


We had the following:

Kadu Burankee - sauteed pumpkin with meat and yogurt sauce

Mantoo - beef dumplings in garlic yogurt and vegetable sauce

Qabali Palao - lamb w/ saffron rice, carrots and raisins

Firnee - custard w/ pistachio sprinkles

All were outstanding. Highly recommended!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan with the Army, so once he gets back, we'll make a trip over so he can introduce me to the food. After being in Iraq, he loves hummus and chai tea!

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      I you and your husband like hummus and pita, I would suggest Afrah on Beltline/Main in Richardson across the street from the police station. Awesome pita and hummus. I will have to check out Afghan though sounds awesome!

    2. We ate at Afghan Grill tonight and it was really good. We have been looking for a place for chicken kabobs since our favorite, Brick Oven, closed due to a change in owners. Ali Baba and the new owners of Brick Oven just didn't do it - seemed more commercialized than what we were looking for.

      Afghan Grill pretty much hit the mark. Cooking that tasted authentic. We ordered hummus, Mantoo (described above & delicious!) and a garden salad (the yogurt/dill dressing was thick, but it somehow still seemed healthier than regular salad dressings). Then we split a chicken kabob platter. The platter came with saffron rice, grilled vegetables and a potato/chicken stew in the middle of the rice.

      We prefer a thinner pita (so we can wrap it around the chicken!) and Afghan's is a 1/2 inch thick rectangle - but that was pretty much the only complaint. And since we didn't manage to leave any of the bread on the table, I'd say it was a small complaint.

      I'll second snatex's highly recommended. Wonderful flavors and textures. Try it out please = there were only three other tables of diners besides us. I'd like to see this place make it. Preston Road & Lloyd Circle (little south of George Bush).

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        We had lunch there today and ordered from the menu ($90 for three!). We liked the dumplings--Aushak and Mantoo. I also liked Sambosy Goshti very much--very crispy and nicely flavored. Kadu and Afghani Salad were good, too.

        We weren't impressed by Kashk, Badenjan Chalado (both eggplant dishes were too bland) or Karma Chalao.

        Stay away from their baklava ($4/pc!)

      2. Walked in last week with a buddy and LOVED it! Am going back tomorrow with my lunch crew and we are gonna CRUSH the place! great food - half-ass serivce. How do you have half-ass service at a buffet? Dun'no, but they pull it off!

        1. I was visiting family in Dallas this week and noticed Afghan Grill as I drove by...after reading the comments on this board I tried their lunch buffet and it was terrific! The kabobs were the best, though all they had were kofta (ground beef), chicken, and something tofu-like. But there wasn't anything bad in the spread: good dolmades, hummus, tabouleh, basmati rice, chicken legs, etc. Even the dessert cake was delicious.

          I would have gone again if I'd had more time but this was easily the best meal I had this week.

          1. I had a good experience at Afghan Grill recently ... the service was pretty good for a big group, so I think those issues have been cleared up in the past year. We all tasted each other's food, and everything was good.

            I'm not a big fan of lamb as it can sometimes be quite gamey and sharp, but they have a way with lamb.

            Definitely recommended ...

            1. We've been there 3 or 4 times in the last year and LOVE it! Between all the people we've gone with, we've hit them with just about every special diet or request. They've always been accommodating. We haven't gone during buffet hours and have only ordered off the menu. The only thing that keeps us from going more often is the price.

              Friends have gotten the beef, chicken, and lamb kabobs and all were pleased. I don't remember the other meals they've ordered, but there hasn't been a complaint among them. I've had the veggie plate each time. I love the kadu buranee (which I get w/o the meat sauce) and even liked the spinach (which is amazing b/c I don't like greens). We also get the pita and hummus, which is well loved.

              My only surprise was that a green salad with iceberg lettuce is the norm unless you specify otherwise. I definitely prefer the other salads and make sure to specify which I want.

              The firnee (custard with pistachios) is yummy and the bastani (cardamom and rose water ice cream with pistachios) is amazing! They're both $3, as is the baklava now. I'd order some coffee and bastani alone if I had to be frugal with my money when visiting. They have evening music and belly dancing on occasion, though we've not been at night. Their website is hard to find on searches. It is http://www.afghangrilltx.com/

              Afghan Grill
              17370 Preston Rd Ste 490, Dallas, TX 75252

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                We love their firnee, too. I also like Qabili Palao.
                They don't have the lunch buffet anymore after they moved to the new location. They have a lunch menu or lunch specials now--you can get pretty much the same dishes as dinner for less.
                We really want them to stay in business as we hardly see anyone else whenever we go there. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/618760

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