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Jan 26, 2008 08:39 PM

Peking Duck in Toronto

Am devasted by the closure of downtown Toronto's King's Garden - after reading chowhound decided to venture north tonight to Ambassdor (Highway 407 and Beaver Creek) and was sorely disappointed. Want to stay away from high priced/small servings of Lai Toh Heen and Lai Wah Heen - but really feeling the gap in the downtown/416 area for white table cloth good Chinese food, including Peking duck. Any ideas?

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  1. Hi,

    Don't know where you see the suggestion of Ambassdor, but clearly it is a place to avoid long ago as pointed out in this thread :

    Some good suggestion of good chinese food other than LWH/LTH can be found here

    Also, Casa Imperial at Warden/Steeles provide great high end white table cloth chinese food, a review written by me not too long ago on it.

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      1. The peking duck at Lai wa hein (in the Metropolitan Hotel) is incredible. I know that alot of people order it in advance..

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          had it there as well, and it is good but expensive

        2. New Sky Restaurant on Spadina, halfway between Dundas and College on the East side. White table cloth and good service,and reasonable prices.

          At one time, when they opened, they had excellent quality food, some uniquely (in a good way) flavoured dishes, and a very nicely presented, very tasty Peking Duck.
          Then the non-Chinese started showing up, and it started turning into the place that all the whiteys pack just south of it (Lee Gardens).
          When you show up once a week at 11:30 pm (when it's empty), and the staff all recognize you, and the extra lettuce is $1, and then one week you show up without any Chinese people in your party and they want to charge you $5 for extra lettuce, that's when no matter how good the food is, the restaurant deserves to be in the doghouse. And I was there to show them how amazing the place was......

          But seriously, we did revisit it, but the quality of the food deteriorated to mediocre so rapidly that we stopped going there based on that factor.

          It may still be the best downtown for the Duck though.