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Sep 2, 2001 03:30 PM

Copper Penny resturant recipe....

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Don't know how many of you are old enough to remember the Copper Penny resturant chain, but I am seeking their recipe (or a similar version) for their Tuna Rarebit open face sandwich. Served on thick toasted bread a tuna mixture covered in Rarebit sauce was served up with a plate full of steak fries. Also in Rarebit form was turkey and plain. If anyone can give me the recipe for the tuna mix, and the rarebit sauce, I will be very grateful.

Thanks in advance..

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  1. For Tuna Rarebit, try the recipe at the link below. A much tastier one, in my opinion, can be found at

    I don't know how either of these compare to the original Copper Penny version. Maybe you can tell by the list of ingredients.


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      thanks, wasn't sure if I was supposed to make a "tuna
      salad" and put it on the toast, or if there was even any mayo in it...just couldn't remember. Too bad there isn't a website that give recipes from closed out resturants. Loves in La Cresenta had some great sauce and ribs (circa 1960-70s). Funny how tastes from our childhood set the standard for future favorites. I am forever comparing sandwiches to my dads (famous neighborhood wide) open faced grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled onions, grilled tomato, bacon grilled, and a slice of American cheese all cooked under the mouth is watering just thinking about it. Georgios Pizza had a the kind of pizza that dribbled oil down your arm when folded in half and cheese that strung out to almost arms length. Georgios is still open, but either budget cuts or new management has made their pizza almost chain-like. Could be a dominos or pizza hut for all the texture, and flavor. Oh well, maybe my memory is wrong and it always was like that, and I have built it into something it never was. Anyhoo, thanks again for the tuna rarebit recipe. I will try it out this week.


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        You could always try Culinary SOS at the Times -- they seem to specialize in restaurant recipes. If someone wanted it in the past, they should have it on file.

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          Oh, great idea...uh, could you get me a clicker or the addy. I hadn't thought of the food section of the paper, can I do that on line?

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            I waited a couple of days to see if anybody else would answer you. Guess not, so here goes.

            The food section runs every Wednesday. You can look up "Culinary SOS" on, keeping in mind that most links are only free for a day.

            To pose a question on the net, write

            The idea is to sell newspapers, so I doubt that she or anybody else will e-mail you an answer. But she might print it.

            There is at least one book of old recipes from the feature, which can be purchased through the Times site.