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Jan 26, 2008 08:02 PM

Best Korean closest to Los Feliz?

So I used to go to this place in Glendale, on Brand (I can't remember the name of it) when I was sick and needed a nice bowl of soon tofu or to get my bi bim bap fix - I just found out they closed. Maybe they even closed a long time ago, but it's news to me. I digress - what's the next best thing nearest to Los Feliz? Obviously I prefer Koreatown but I mean when you just don't want to drive that far.

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  1. If you take Vermont straight down from Los Feliz, pass LA City College and the 101 freeway exit at Vermont, there is a Korean restaurant in the same parking lot as Goldilock's Bakery. I don't know the name of the place, but it is before the intersection of Vermont and Western, and it is by two Filipino restaurants, a Filipino bakery and a Filipino DVD rental place. Goldilock's is in the same parking lot.

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      hmm... sort of starting to get a little bit far, but sounds interesting. what do you eat there?

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        oh wait.. is this that take out bi bim bap place? i didn't really mean take out like that but i'm still curious if it's any good... is it?

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          Okay, here's the address. They actually do Korean BBQ, with charcoal grills.

          Sootbul Guirim Two Korean BBQ
          233 S Vermont Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90004
          Phone: (213) 365-9992

          It's on Vermont before 3rd. I've never had Korean food in Los Feliz, nor have I seen any Korean restaurants there. This is probably 3 miles from Los Feliz Village.

    2. Los Feliz is Koreatown adjacent, pretty much. I'd think the drive to Brand would be just as long. Maybe there's one with a delivery service in Koreatown - then you'll only have to open the door! No driving involved! :)

      1. Just shoot down Vermont. For soontubu, you have Beverly Soontubu and Sokongdong just west of Vermont on Olympic, and Jin Ju (??) in the same minimall as Sokongdong has good dol sot bibimbap as well as other soups and kind of basic food. On Vermont a couple blocks south of Wilshire, on the east side, is Kobawoo, which has really good pork wraps and pindaettuk (fried mung bean pancake). Also, somewhere on Vermont is Park's, which is supposed to have good BBQ... haven't tried it, but my ex-landlords in Silver Lake loved it.