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Jan 26, 2008 06:00 PM


Headed to Ardeo next week. Who has eaten there recently and what were your thoughts on the food. I looked at the menu and the sea bass and scallops looked really good. Has anyone had them? What about apps?

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  1. Have been to Bardeo a gazillion times and had wine & cheese at the bar. Ate at Ardeo once. It was really mediocre to be honest. I had some sort of smoked chicken pasta dish and a salad. If you are going up to CP there are so many more great places to eat...what about Lavandou? it's probably actually a little less spendy but the cooking puts you right in Provence. The space is nice and the service decent too. I also love the wine bar at Dino but quite honestly the food there is hit or miss. Indique is good and Palena is phenomenal (you could even eat in the front room and spend equivalent of Ardeo and have a much better meal). I know you didnt ask for all that but just some 'food for thought'.... :)

    1. I ate there for Restaurant Week and was very impressed with my meal. It had been ages since I had dinner there and wasn't expecting much. The mussells appetizer was excellent. The one I had, had chorizo, garlic, and a tasty sauce (curry? I can't remember. Although curry and chorizo doesn't really seem right). It was a big serving and delicious!!

      If you like chocolate for dessert I highly recommend their "candy bar" (forget what they call it) with root beer float. It's a lot of fun and really delicious. They should almost wrap it up and market the little nuggets in gourmet chocolate shops.

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        I also went for RW and enjoyed it. I too loved the mussels. For the main I had a cinnamony braised lamb shank with an acorn squash puree, which was warming and delicious. Dessert was a chocolate pistachio cake, which surprised and delighted me for the vibrancy of the pistachio.

      2. I went during RW. everything was great - I had the asparagus salad and the buger. For dessert, the pear cake. My companions dessert was better ;)

        my only issue would have been slightly rushed service, and the fact that my three items together didn't add up to the price of RW, but no biggie. I'll be back.

        1. I went on a Thursday, when they have their 3-course wine tasting menu for like.. $57 (including wine) .. pretty good deal. I had some sort of gnocchi appetizer, the gnocchi was tiny (size of chicklets), but very flavorful and light. the lemon in the sauce could get a bit bitter at times, but in general it was very good.

          I got the scallops, to me they were a little under done, but my friend who is much more wordly in the ways of seafood adored them, so I would guess thats more my squeamishness than anything else.

          Dessert was fine, but not memorable, could be because it was the odds and ends that made it onto the tasting menu.

          1. I know very different restaurants, but if you had the choice between Rock Creek Mazza and Ardeo, which one would you choose?

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              I'd choose ardeo if i didn't care about calories.
              but, alas, I do, so I would likely stick to rock creek :)