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Jan 26, 2008 05:56 PM

South Indian in Seattle!

I saw an ad in the Weekly for Malabar, 1401 NE 42nd, which calls itself "Seattle's first South Indian Restaurant". While the claim is debatable (Mayuri on Queen Anne once offered south Indian food, and there is or at least was a dosa place in the Westlake food court), it sounds promising. Has anyone here tried it yet?

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  1. I tried it in search of dosas. Everything was really wrong. First of all they served lots of beef - which seemed really odd in an Indian restaurant.

    The mango lassi was warm. The samosas were mushy really mushy and just consisted of potato - no spice or any other vegatables.

    The dosa's crepe was wrong - It was mushy rather than being risp. And it too was bland and mushy on the inside.

    We got the feeling it wasnt a South Indian restaurant rather a Pakistani restaurant.

    Unfortuanely, if you want good dosas you have to go to the east side over to Udupi Palace.

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      What's wrong with the ones at Spice Route (also in Bellevue)? They are the only dosas I've had, so I've nothing to compare them to, but this is the restaurant of choice (specializing in south Indian) for my Indian friends.

    2. This place has been there for a while, right? So it can't be starting pains...