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Jan 26, 2008 05:37 PM

BEER at New Orleans

Hi. I live in NYC, am a beer lover and need some advice. I'll be traveling to NO and am wondering if there's anything i should try over there, a beer that i wouldn't find here in NYC. Style does not matter, right now I'm drinking Stone IPA but I like different styles of beer and am willing to try anything you suggest. It would be nice to bring back a case of something hard to find here.

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  1. Abita Beer is locally brewed and is very good. Several regular brews as well as seasonal brews: Amber, Light, Golden, Turbodog. Seasonal now Bock and Red Ale as well as many other choices. Great beer.

    1. I'll second the Abita recommendation...you'll find Abita Amber just about everywhere you go, and it's a really nice beer...definitely on the maltier, sweeter side. And Turbodog, which is their version of a dark lager, is probably my favorite beer. I'm not sure if they do much in the way of hoppier beers, such as a Pale or IPA....I live in AZ and generally the two I mentioned and the rasberry wheat are all that we get. After Katrina, they did do a nice beer with a hoppy bite called Restoration Ale. Not sure if that's still being produced.

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      1. Dixie's Blackened Voodoo Lager is quite a respectable schwarzbier.

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        1. Drink at dba or Cooter Brown's. Buy at Martin Wine Cellar. There also used to be a bottle shop in the Quarter near Commander's, IIRC, that had a decent selection.


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            Commander's is in the Garden District, not the Quarter. Trying to think of what place you may be referring to...

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              Duh- it's been a while, so I have to think about this. Can visualize the place but got the name wrong. Think it's near Brennan's- Royal around Bienville. But then I looked at Google and it could be Vieux Carre Wine & Spirits on Chartres. Anyway, either Royal or Chartres within 2-3 blocks of Canal and on the river side of the street.

              Used to get Samichlaus, etc there before we changed the law in GA.

          2. Don't know if it is available in New Orleans yet, but Lazy Magnolia which is brewed in nearby Kiln, MS is worth seeking out...

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              Check out Heiner Brau. New from former Abita brewmaster, Henryk Orlik - he developed Abita Amber for Abita.

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                Where can you get the Heiner Brau? What brewery makes it?