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Good authentic Thai food?

Good evening all,
We've just recently moved here from TO and I am craving Thai food big time. Any recommendations for good value and taste? We don't really need fancy, just want to taste some good pad thai and green curry chicken. I'm missing my Salad King and Young Thailand from TO...but am certain there's got to be a place here that compares!

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  1. Where? This is a regional board for western Canada. Where are you?

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      Oops. Calgary. Sorry about that. Thanks.

      1. In my haste to post this I forgot to say that we're in Calgary. Thanks.

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          I love Chili Club Thai House. There's a location downtown and in the southwest. Both don't look like much on the outside but are lovely inside.

          I find most Thai food a little pricier in Calgary than in Toronto.

        2. Thai Sa On on 10th ave and about 4th Street SW is considered to be one of the best Thai restaurants in town.

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            I like Ruan Thai on 12th Ave SW and 13th street more than Thai Sa On - the dishes there are more reminiscent of what I remember from Thailand - but both would be good reliable choices.

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              I go to Ruan once a week for lunch- they have a lunch buffet, and if they have their superb basil chicken, it's a happy day!

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              Thai Sa On is way way better than Ruan Thai.

              For best results, talk to the owner, he's a pleasant older gentleman, he can help you put together an order that will astound you, if you're not sure what to order for a more authentic meal. The menu is so large that maybe its easy to pick "safe" dishes and then feel like you didn't get an authentic experience.

              IMO Thai Sa On gets my vote for best restaurant in town in ANY category.

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                Now THAT is an endorsement! :-)

            3. Spicy Hut on Edmonton Trail just north of Memorial has really good pad thai. I like Chili Club, too, and the King and I (they're both more expensive than Spicy Hut, but nicer decor and more conveniently located. I've had bad luck at Thai Sa-on, the one time I went there I thought the food was mediocre and the service was poor (we wanted wine but could only order it from one person, we sat there for over 15 minutes while the guy was chatting with another table, basically socializing, so we ended up ordering beer instead). I've never been back, but it gets great reviews so maybe it was just an off night.

              I haven't been myself, but my better half was at Royal Thai down south for a lunch meeting and said it was really good. I've been intending to go but it's a little too far. If you live in the south it would be a good bet.

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                I love Chili Club too, though I've only been to the one on 11 ave SW. I've gone there many times with my girlfriend and always love whatever we order (awesome green shrimp curry). I've also been to a Ruan Thai a couple of times but had mixed results. The first time was amazing and the second time was mediocre. I think there was a different cook the 2nd time as the lady that was cooking during our first visit (the owner I think) was mainly in the dining room during our 2nd visit.

                I've also been to Thai Sa On once too but wasn't really wowed by some of the items we ordered.

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                  bingo on Ruan Thai- when the kitchen is on, it's on- when not, well.....

              2. I like Thai Boat in the Northeast (108-2323 32 Avenue NE). I think it may be owned by the same people as Thai Sai On.

                1. I've had some good Thai meals at Thai Place West - located, of all places, in the Quality Inn across from Mcmahon Stadium. It is also reasonably priced. The ambience isn't much, being in a hotel, unless you like dining poolside.

                  Chili Club is good as well. I've have had bad luck at Thai Sai-on, and like previous posts, mixed results at Ruan Thai. Spicy Hut is decent and cheap enough. King and I is good, but very pricey.

                  1. I love the sweet green curry at the Rose Garden Thai Restaurant. The coconut and strong-ish basil tones in the sauce perfectly complement the curry, which you can order mild to hot. The pad thai is stir-fried well and "dry" (meaning not drenched in sauce). Portions are not huge but the prices are reasonable for the size.

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                      I concur with Rose Garden; I think it's my favourite Thai place, although I personally never cared much for their pad thai. (I far prefer their "street noodles", a wider noodle, whose proper name escapes me.)

                      One cheap and quick option is the Thai Express chain, which is one of the better food court offerings; it's in TD, and I think Market Mall and Deerfoot as well. It's not spectacular, but it cures my cravings. And they use those cute American-style Chinese food container cartons with the wire handles, like I see on TV shows all the time.

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                        I ate at Thai Express today & thought of this thread. Their peanut curry soup special is great and $8.99 (includes tax & drink).

                    2. Calgary is definitely missing the good fast and cheap options that Toronto has for Thai- as noted here, there are actually many Thai restos in Calgary, but we don't have anything like Green Mango or Salad King- when I lived in Toronto I ate three or four days a week at Bangkok Express in the Annex, which closed right after I moved away (so, yes, I was keeping the place afloat!).

                      But don't get too discouraged- the more people move here with more "urban" tastes and demands, the more we'l see this sort of thing. Meantime, please post here with your discoveries in and questions about your new home!

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                        Thanks to all for the posts! We're definitely looking forward to exploring Calgary and will certainly use this forum to ask more questions. :)

                      2. The Royal Thai in the SE (off of MacLeod by Southcentre Mall) is really good. I like the atmosphere and all the curry dishes I've tried so far have been fantastic. A link to their address/contact info, menu, etc.).


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                          I agree with Royal Thai, its one of the best ethnic restaurants in the "deep south."