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Jan 26, 2008 05:15 PM

Makki di roti with saag (Punjabi) -- anywhere in GTA?

I'm looking for a Punjabi restaurant that serves makki di roti (roti made from corn flour) and its perfect companion saag (mustard greens -- not spinach).

Willing to travel anywhere in the GTA for a restaurant that gets it right. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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  1. In case anyone is wondering, I finally found it: at Punjabi Dhaba, a terrific little authentic no-frills dhaba at 2903 Derry Rd E. in Mississauga (NW corner of intersection Airport Rd). Telephone 905-956-3442 / 647-400-329. Makki di roti and saag was perfect, ditto the pakoras.

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      Another excellent place is rajdhani sweets at albion and islington in a strip mall. But its only served on tuesdays