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Jan 26, 2008 04:56 PM

Looking for cupcakes like Sprinkles in LA

I absolutely LOVE the cupcakes at Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, CA, they regularly have long lines out the door into the sidewalk, and it is well deserved. What I really love is that they don't heap the icing on, they put on the perfect amount.

Has anyone that has been to Sprinkles had cupcakes in the Main Line area that are as good?

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  1. This does not exactly answer your question but I just read the Spring Williams Sonoma catalog and saw that they now sell Sprinkles cupcake mix. So you can have the LA exoperience at home (at least thats what the catalog said!).

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      I just made the vanilla sprinkles cupcakes from WS mix and they were quite delicous. Uncomparable to Betty Crocker and worth the $14.

    2. I never had sprinkles but the best cupcakes I know of are at Wienricks Bakery in Willow Grove across from the mall. They are moist with tons of icing. YUM!!!

      1. sorry its spelled
        55 easton road willow grove PA 190901

        1. Try Sweet Jazmines in Berwyn.

          1. I have never had Sprinkles, but The Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill has great cupcakes and the best butter cream icing. It is also the perfect amount of icing.