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Sep 1, 2001 06:48 PM

Chocolate Malteds

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I've been steadfast in my search for the
best chocolate malted around -- especially
around Hollywood -- using my son as an excuse --
and i have found no better than Fred's 62
on Vermont. It's a thick, creamy, delicious
malted served in tall glass with silver container,
as in the good old days. Their ice-cream must be
very good. This is as good as I have ever tasted.
ANy agreement or not?

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  1. i'm in full agreement. they not only have great malteds, but (off the subject) have an incredible thai cobb salad with a whole pangea of flavors formed into a cube on the plate.

    1. Do they do double chocolate malteds? Does at least some of the malt powder cling to the side of the metal cup?

      I've enjoyed those served at Johnny Rockets and Ed Debevic's and Cafe 50s, which may mean I'm a philistine but may mean that gold can often be mined from unlikely veins.

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      1. re: Samo

        Down this way, (LB, OC), try Woody's or Harbor House (also in Dana Point) for chocolate malteds.

      2. Don't forget Foster Freeze. For a soft-serve malted it's pretty good, plus they have a Small size you can get for less than two bucks -- and have a cheap quick fix that'll leave room for (more) dessert