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Jan 26, 2008 04:02 PM

What's the best store-bought decaf to brew at home in NYC?

Prefer a strong, French roast/Expresso type in the morning. ..which one fits the bill and is still reasonably priced? Would like supermarket recommendations as well as specialty stores.

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  1. My favorite coffee is La Semeuse, and I think they make an excellent decaf. Available at Citarella (cheaper than at Dean & Deluca).

    1. Try the decaf french roast from Oren's (european brew)-- you'll almost forget its low octate!

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        I second Oren's. Every type of swiss water decaffeinited I have tried there is very good. Citarella also has very good blends and the prices are very reasonable.

      2. I love Illy. I use it in my moka pot (the traditional pot that Italians use on the stove)

        1. Garden of Eden French roast decaf or their house blend decaf, which includes some French roast beans in the mix. It's $6 or $7 per pound. There are several branches in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn.

          1. Zabars decaf colombian is always fragrant and flavorful.