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Jan 26, 2008 03:58 PM

Best Mexican in South Florida?

Because I love Mexican food, I am happy to see a few more Mexican restaurants opening in Miami.

Most recently, my wife and I tried Pablano Cocina Mexicana in South Miami. It is an authentic Mexican restaurant with lots of excellent choices and great service. Their tortilla chips, along with many other things, were made onsite and you could tell that they were fresh. I think their chef is from Mexico City so they had lots of good sauces (chocolate mole, chile poblano, and tamarindo), but I decided to go with a simpler choice off their lunch menu, the chicken tacos (they were excellent). I have heard that their Ceviche is excellent, but they were out of that when I went there. Lastly, their coffee drinks were quite good and laced with dulce the leche. This place is my favorite Mexican, but I am looking for any suggestions people may have.

I also really like Rosa Mexicana in Mary Brickell Village. I like that area because of the bars and easy parking in the area. I have been to Rosa quite a few times (both in Miami and NYC) and like their food as well. Sometimes, I have concerns that these restaurants feel like factory stores because of the poor service before getting seated (it ussually takes a wait, even when I have reservations. Once seated though, I like their exotic margaritas and their food. I really like the baby goat tacos. This place is always busy.

In Miami Beach, I usually go to El Rancho Grande but its aubience and food (mainly Tex Mex) have been good but not great. For the price, it is pretty good but it is middle of the road, nothing fancy.

Does anyone know of any other good Mexican places in South Florida?

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  1. the search feature at the top of the board would have led you to the many threads on mexican food in South Florida, including a very current one.

    IMO El Rancho Grande is one bean above Taco Bell -- and there's no reason to go there unless you can't walk around the corner to any of the far better restaurants on Lincoln Road. They are certainly not authentic Tex-mex in any sense of the word.

    Poblano (and, that's the name POBLANO, the same as the pepper) is actually very tasty.

    Mi Rinconcito Mexicano on Calle Ocho at 20th Avenue is the best of the authentic mexican restaurants in town. Los Tres Hermanos can also be very good (NW 20th Street at 11th Avenue). There is a yucatanean restaurant called Che'en Haye in North Miami that I haven't tried yes that is reported to be excellent.

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        Don't forget the McDonald's McSkillet Burrito. They're widely available!

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          lol. Nothing more Mexican than a Mc-something!