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Jan 26, 2008 03:23 PM

bridal shower for 75 people need suggestion on a place in the Willow Grove or Southampton area

Throwing a bridal shower (in September) for my sister ane need some ideas on where to hold the event want it to be great but without breaking the bank. Not the buck Hotel the bridemaids read the article about the bride whose fiance died and they would not refund the money, so they refuse to give them any business. Any suggesions would be greatly appreciated

Frustrated maid of honor

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  1. Flourtown is only about 10 minutes or so from Willow Grove. Have you tried the Flourtown Country Club?

    1. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I've been in tons of weddings in the area and had to host lots of showers. I'm laughing because the go-to place for every single shower seems to be the Buck Hotel. You have a pretty big guest list (your possibilities really decrease once you hit the 50 person mark) but here are my suggestions based on where I co-hosted showers, and also places I looked at and thought were good.

      Scoogis in Flourtown, close to Willow Grove and just minutes off the 309 exit of the turnpike for out of town guests. They have a beautiful private room in the back with huge windows, murals painted on the wall. Very pretty space. We had a lunch buffet for about $15/person (there were more expensive options including sit down, we were on a budget). They also offer a really nice brunch buffet. The best part is they do not charge extra for sodas and do not charge a cake cutting fee. Lots of places add that in and it can make it really add up. Overall, we were really happy and got lots of positive feedback from the guests.

      I'd also recommend Joseph's Garden Grill in Langhorne, near Southampton. I'd especially recommend it if the shower will be in the warmer months because they have a beautiful outdoor patio where you can have the entire party. They offer lots of choices for about $15-$20 per person. The reason we did not ultimately go with them is that the shower we were hosting was heading into the colder months and there was a real possibility we'd have to move the party inside, and the decor inside is pretty generic looking (they have a room just for showers that was recently remodeled and some might think its nice but I think it looks like a country club).

      I a typically not a fan of chaion restaurants but we hosted a fantastic shower at Carabba's on Street Road in Bensalem. They gave us our own section of the restaurant, service was great. Their party menu starts at around $12/person and it was actually pretty good. I'm surprised at how happy I was with it. And guests are familiar with Carabbas, we had lots of people tell us how excited they were that it was at Carabba's.

      It's a bit further afield, but my bridesmaids hosted my shower at the Lambertville Station in Lambertville and it was spectacular. The space was beautiful, the food was amazing. Most of my guests were coming from areas close to those you mentioned, and it was not too much of a drive.

      I've never been there for a shower, but we go to Caruso's in Southampton fairly often for dinner and the food is fantastic, atmosphere is super cute, and the owners are wonderful. I heard that on weekend afternoons, they can close the restaurant and offer private parties. Since it is BYO you can save $ and bring your own wine. One of my friends attended a shower there and said it was great. The owners are so nice and are very accomodating so it might be worth a call.

      You can also try Cafe La Fontana in Hatboro, near Willow Grove. The food is great and the atmosphere very nice. We had my wedding rehersal dinner there and they did as great job. I know they can host showers there too.

      OK, I thats all I can think of for now. Good luck.... I know how frustrating this can be!

      1. I have heard great things about Maggio's since they remodeled, and I know they can accomodate that many people. Also, Beige and Beige on Huntingdon Pike in Huntingdon Valley hosts great showers and can do that many people.

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          Maggios's is inconsistent. My wife and I had dinner there last November. My crabcakes were definitely in need of some crab. My wife's dinner was satisfactory. There are better places in the area. I will second Scoogi's, Cafe La Fontana and mention Kenny's in Southampton.

        2. Rasonably nice place is Willamson's on 611 above the turnpike in WG. Been there for luncheons and dinners and it was fine. Reaonable prices and plenty of rooms.

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            Sorry - I hate to disagree - but Williamson's is absolutely terrible. I have been to a few family events there (and one of my wedding showers was even hosted there). Atmosphere and food geared entirely for the blue haired crowd.