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Jan 26, 2008 02:56 PM

Grace for solo dining?

I have a night to myself coming up, and was thinking of going to Grace. Is it a good place for solo dining? Do they have a bar, and if so, do they serve their full menu there? I am usually comfortable dining alone at a restaurant, especially at the bar, but there are a few restaurants where I would be uncomfortable such as Melisse or Bastide. What do you think?

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  1. Yes, they have a nice bar with friendly bartenders, and they serve the full menu there. I'd maybe skip it during prime time on weekends, when it fills up with people waiting for tables, but generally it's lively without being overwhelming, and it's a friendly atmosphere. As I think about it, I'm tempted to take myself there one evening too!

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      Great choice for a solo dinner - but I think you should never feel weird about going for dinner alone anywhere! Frankly in a town like LA it takes balls to eat alone so go out on a busy night, like a Friday night, and enjoy yourself. People who are waiting can do just that - wait. HAVE FUN!

    2. No problem as others have said.
      And Eduardo the sommelier is wonderful recommending wines by bottle or by glass. Have a good time and get to talking to those seated with you or the bartender or even the host/hostess, and you will find yourself anything but lonely, yet also having a great dinner.

      1. Thanks for your posts. I'll go this week, and I can't wait. I've heard such good things about Grace from this board.