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Sep 1, 2001 02:00 PM

Best Lamb Chops

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Any opinions on the best lamb chops in LA? Preferably West Side... thanks

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  1. Pasta Al Dante at the far south-end of Naples in Long Beach.

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    1. re: Palliser

      These are excellent standouts on a rather hit and miss menu. And you can't beat the decor/history. Also reccommend the Caeser and the martinis

      1. re: stevenwacks

        Regarding Mussos, I must say that i consider
        its menu to be MUCH more hit than miss; I have
        rarely missed here. The Sandabs are delectable, as
        are the broiled scallops. The tomato soup is a
        definite hit, and for breakfast few things are
        better than Musso's Eggs Benedict with a big plate
        of their hashed browns. And they still serve a serious
        cup of coffee, with silver decanter brought to the
        table. I love this place, and am grateful that it's
        still open when so many of the other classic Hollywood
        restaurants, such as the Derby, are long gone.

    2. Dan Tana's in West Hollywood does an amazing rack of lamb. You get six chops, attached in two sets of three, and when you ask for pink you get pink. The meat must be marinated, because the flavor is amazing. And the scene is as good as anywhere in town.

      1. Try the Beverly Hills Hotel, Polo lounge.

        1. The last time I tasted them at Papadakis Taverna in San Pedro, they were outstanding! Worth the trip from LA.

          1. Josie's in Santa Monica. Pricey but some of the best in town. Call ahead to make sure they're serving them; she (the chef) specializes in game, so you can't go wrong with any meat.