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Great Meal at Selva in Sarasota

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Thanks to those on the boards that recommended Selva in downtown Sarasota. We were at a conference at the Ritz Carlton and had dinner one of the nights at Selva, a few blocks walk from the hotel.

We started out with great Margaritas....had a shrimp ceviche that was wonderful and enjoyed both entrees....a great new york strip steak with truffle french fries and a skirt steak churrasco style with plantains to die for. The service was professional and efficient.

We were too full for dessert so I can't comment on that. I highly recommend this restaurant, and the next time we are in Sarasota, we will be back.

Thanks Chowhounds.

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  1. So glad that you enjoyed it. It really has excellent, very well prepared food, and the presentations are fabulous. Plus very good service. He started in a tiny restaurant in a strip mall, and due to everything that I just mentioned has succeeded in moving from small to big, which has been the death of many restaurants in Sarasota.
    Like you, I have never been able to try the desserts, too ful!