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Sep 1, 2001 01:45 PM

Kim Bap?

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Hey chowhounds can someone help me out -- I read a thread below about "Inauthentic sushi" and several of the responses mentioned kim bap -- Bap is rice in Korean (right?) so would kim bap be a cabbage rice or a rice with pickles or what??? thanks

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  1. Kim Bap is, in a way, Korean sushi. It's rice rolled with nori and pickled vegetables and sometimes pieces of Bulgogi.

    1. How my mom makes it: julienne and saute carrots in some sesame oil and salt, blanche and chop some spinach, prepare some bulgogi, fry beaten eggs into a thin omelette (almost like a crepe) and slice into strips, slice some yellow pickled radish into long strips. Roll into rice and seaweed sheets like sushi. Slice and enjoy! Many Korean people make it to take on picnics/roadtrips since everything's cooked and it's a compact meal-in-one.

      Note: Bulgogi can be substituted with fried strips of Spam (!) Not many non-Korean/non-Japanese Spam (!)lovers out there, but it sure is good in Kim Bap!!

      Another note: some local Korean supermarkets in Koreatown make it right before the lunch hour in single serving packages. Some make kim chee and non-red meat variations (with fish cake instead).