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Jan 26, 2008 02:02 PM

Superbowl Viewing for over 45 ladies...

Going to be in town with a friend on Superbowl Sunday for an afternoon show. Won't be able to make it home to watch the game that evening so we're hoping we could find a nice restaurant/bar where we could have dinner and watch the game. But we're not young and if I drag my friend some place where no one is over 40 she won't be able to talk about anything except how old she is and that would just ruin everything. Also she's not much of a football fan so the atmosphere and food do matter (for her comfort). We're going to be in the Chelsea area, but have no problem taking a subway to another spot. Any ideas where we'd be able to enjoy ourselves and not feel out of place? Or should I just set my dvr and head home? I really want to see the game live as I've been a fan for years! Thanks for any advice you can provide! Go GIANTS!!!!!

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  1. This may be pricier than you are looking for, and is on the UES, but if Coco Pazzo is open on Sunday, I'm sure the Superbowl will be on, and you can sit at the bar - and, if I recall correctly, there might be a little table or two in the bar area - if you're interested - worth calling to check it out. More about the food here:


    I can assure you that you are unlikely to have to worry about the age issue - I'm 40 and was one of the youngest people there the night I went.

    Coco Pazzo
    23 E 74th St, New York, NY 10021

    1. Thanks so much for taking to time to reply. Really appreciate your help.

      1. i was never at 21 but would think would be the utmost NY SB bar scene,
        call to make sure they have a TV,
        21 is in midtown

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