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Jan 26, 2008 02:00 PM

Fin II - Stamford/Japanese

Well, Fin II has officially made it into my lunch rotation! Great new addition for Japanese to downtown Stamford, on the same block as Market, Columbus Park, etc. - and a block away from Duo.

Fin II is going the more traditional route - so far, the rolls have been great, high quality, very fresh. Lunch specials (eat-in or takeout) are solid.

Around lunchtime, Fin II is more of an everyday place - compared to Duo, which seems to definitely be a better choice for business meeting/lunches.

Anyone else tried them out recently?

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  1. I ate there the other day and found them to be dissapointing. The portions were small and sushi was not as fresh as I expected. The piece of fish was hanging way over the rice, it looked like it was just thrown together. We ordered three rolls, and all of them were pretty good though. Def. just a roll place, I wouldn't order only sushi from there again unless I was reallly desperate.

    1. Another thumbs up here. We order in quite frequently from Fin II and haven't been disappointed yet. Very fresh and their specials are great. Its been our new goto place for sushi in stamford for the last few months - guess the secrets out!

      1. I also visit Fin II regularly! I have had no problems with the sushi and really like their house green salad. Their dumplings/gyoza are also good. Fin II has replaced Kotobuki as our "low-key but very tasty" Japanese option.
        I agree that for a fancier atmosphere, Duo is the place for Japanese. It's nice to have both options downtown.

        1. Is this the same Fin that's in Fairfield, CT? I heard some friends talking about it and I've been meaning to try it. Do you know if both locations are pretty much the same? Consistent? Or, is one better than the other? thx.

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            Yes, same Fin as in Fairfield. I heard good things about that one but have never been. I'd guess they are pretty similar; they opened the Stamford one because the F'fld one was successful.