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Jan 26, 2008 01:59 PM

SoCal (OC) Hound tripping to Astoria OR

We will be flying into Portland and will probably need a great lunch place. Then a drive over to Astoria where we will stay for two nights. This is a surprise trip for my husband's birthday. He is not super adventurous. He loves a hearty breakfast and is mosty a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I would love any recommendations - in any price ranges.

We will be taking this trip in early March and I plan on staying at the Cannery Pier Hotel. Our first time anywhere in the Pac NW - can't wait!

Thanks so much in advance!!!

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  1. Sharks makes a great cioppino and other hearty seafood dishes

    1. Search Astoria on this board. We haven't been to Astoria for a few months, but likely nothing has changed much, and there are plenty of recommendations in the recent past. The Cannery Pier Hotel is great....

      1. Lunch in Portland, I would recommend Kenny & Zuke's Deli. They are closed on Monday. Totally excellent pastrami done on-site, maybe better than Katz. Try a Portland IPA.

        1. Here's a link to my last comment on Astoria:

          I didn't mention it there, but we also ate at the Silver Salmon Grille. The food was fine and the portions were huge. It's a good restaurant for a small town, and it seemed like the kind of place locals would go for a nice dinner. It's not going to knock your socks off with local charm and a unique PNW experience, but you will get a decent meal.

          Here's a link to the Oregonian newspaper's blog from May 2007 with comments about Astoria restaurants and other local things to do that might help:

          1. Kenny & Zukes is a great lunch spot (the pastrami is better than that of Langer's Deli, in my opinion) and you can also duck into Stumptown Coffee right next door, Portland's answer to Chicago's Intelligentsia or LA's Groundwork and La Mill.

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              Kenny etc also makes their own pickles, baked goods, you name it. Get some stuff to go!

              Also an easy five minute walk from K & Z's is Sahagun Chocolate, serving the best mocha (using Stumptown) & hot chocolate I've ever had, plus hand made work-of-art truffles!