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Your favorites in Little Tokyo?

Will have some time to explore this area soon. What are your favorite restaurants and what are the best items that they serve?

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  1. If you like ramen, Daikokuya has such an excellent tonkotsu ramen.

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      Their ramen is terrific, yes.

      However, the standout item for me at Daikokuya is the gyoza. They make an odd, canneloni-shaped version with a thick-ish skin, and its richly shrimp flavored filling appeals to me because I make my own at home w/ dried shrimp too.

      1. re: Professor Salt

        I wonder if they make their own gyoza. I've bought gyozas in the same shape and form, and that taste pretty much the same from Korean market.

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            I got them from a Korean market in Torrance (on Sepulveda near Hawthorne). Sorry the name escapes me but I would think you can find them in other Korean markets, too.

    2. Sashimi lunch special at Sushi Gen. Get there early or be prepared to wait in line.

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          i second that!

          hands down to Sushi KOMASA!

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            You've mentioned Komasa many times in other threads, yet I've found them to be one of the sub-par sushi places around. What have you liked there? Just curious.

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              The albacore is always good, so is the hamachi. But, really, you should just ask what is fresh that day.

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                Asking about a restaurant's "osusume" goes without saying. Judging from my couple experiences, the owners of Komasa seem to have decided that their business would best be viable by appealing to the lower common denominator of the sushi eating public, rather than appealing to the real connoissures. The profit margins are likely bigger, so it was probably a wise business decision, but it puts them in a class far below the others.

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                  Perhaps, but their prices reflect that.

          2. Kagaya - Shabu Shabu.

            1. I like the ramen shop inside the Little Tokyo plaza, Hana-ichimonme, I believe it's called. That 3rd floor of the plaza has some interesting stuff. There's a home-style Japanese plays next door to Hana, there's Go 55, then Honda-ya, there was that old bibimbap place that's reopening as something else, and there's also a healthy/vegan/macro Japanese spot in the corner opening soon too.

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                Seconding Hanaichimonme - one of my long-time favorites that just seems really overlooked and underrated, for reasons I can't explain. And I also like Suehiro, mentioned by Dommy below, for the house special and for the katsu curry.

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                    Me too! That's almost always what I get there.

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                  Re: The old bibimbap place... It will be reopened as The House of Korea - and it will be yet another KBBQ joint.

                2. The three izakaya's: Izayoi, Honda-Ya, Haru Ulala. Ramen: Daikokuya, Hanaichimonme. And always always the imagawakyaki from Mitsuru Cafe. Can't get enough of those.

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                    you should also try the manju (i.e. mochi) they have at mitsuru...get the ohagi (its the one with beans on the outside)...they are amazing homestyle ones

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                      second haru ulala, big time.

                      also quite like lyonne. japanese-ified french food. it is unusual but quite good.

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                        And three cheers for Mitsuru Cafe!

                        And come summertime they're my favorite place to get the milk kintoki koori/kakigori, which is azuki beans on shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk, though Hanaichimonme has it as well...

                        I like the old-timey feel that harkens back to my younger years when my family had their business in Little Tokyo...

                      2. Orochon for really tasty and spicy ramen. I can't get enough of their soup, but personally find Daikokuya just..meh. Not worth their hype, nor the cramped, long wait for seating.

                        I get Orochon shoyu #4, with a slice of chashu and extra boiled egg. Perfection!

                        I love going to Koraku, and getting some fantastic curry-fried rice about 11pm-12 midnite. Lots of interesting folks in downtown LA at that time, too. ^_^

                        Mitsuru's imagawakyaki is fantastic when they are really hot and fresh. I just forget to wander over there and get one, usually!

                        I used to eat at Hannaichimonme over 12 years ago, ALOT. I loved loved loved that place with a passion. I think it had to do with all their delish sweets and desserts, but their ramen was/is very unique. I miss it, sometimes..My husband cannot -stand- the flavor of it, tho, so I don't think about it much..Especially if I know a trip to Orochon is close at hand!

                        1. Not a restaurant, but you have to drop by Fugetsudo for some fresh mochi!

                          I had an OK time at Sushi Go 55, but the sticker shock was a bit much, as we went for dinner and ordered a la carte.

                          There's that place in the Village Plaza that makes the "Japanese Red BEan Abelskiever" Just walk through the village mall and you'll see it. More of a snack, but a dang good one.

                          Isn't Kyochan there?

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                            We ate at Sushi Go 55, loved it and didn't think it outrageous. It was delicious. However, there were very few Japanese people there, it was packed with caucasians. Not sure what that tells you, but it was interesting.

                          2. Daikokuya's ramen has been sliding down the scale as of late, watered down broth just doesnt cut it

                            1. So many!!

                              * Suehiro for their house special eggplant dish
                              * Daikokuya for their Kotteri Ramen
                              * San Sui Tei for their Ramen Salad and Takoyaki
                              * Takumi for their Hampen Cheese
                              * CeFiore for their Pomegrante FroYo!


                              1. daikokuya and shabu shabu house!! :D