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Jan 26, 2008 01:53 PM

pho paradise on broad in providence

had a great lunch here today.those korean bbq sandwiches have officially changed my life,in a really good way,except that we live in bristol!!the bowl of soup was unbelivable too,cool asain korean store next door too,and like half as cheap as asiana too,well be coming back soon.those sangies are gonna stay in my brain for a while!!

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  1. I had some good noodles there the other day, but I have to go back there for the sandwiches - I've always wanted to try one.

    1. Thanks so much for the rec, im hungry! I'm a bristolian, too, but have a weekly dinner date in Providence on Mondays. Your review was just what I needed, as I feel like I've been to every low-priced restaurant near downtown.

      We shared the beef kabab appetizer, the pho (without tripe), and the pork bahn mi. All were great. The kabab was perfect -- shiny, glazed meat with a bit of char on the edges, served with a tiny salad of shredded lettuce, carrots and green onions topped with a tangy dressing. The pho was great -- comforting and spicy, though the meat was a tad too fatty. The bahn mi was good, as well -- I loved the flavors but I thought the sandwich could have been put together a bit better. One bite was pork, the next was carrot, the next was something gooey. Also, it was definitely not served on a baguette, but a sort of chewy roll. But it was a great experience overall.

      We also hit the grocery store next door. Definitely cheaper than Asiana, but with a different focus (and freezing! I could see my breath!). We got great deals on produce. I would have loved to have found a selection of frozen foods (pot stickers, shui mai, etc.), but I guess I could stop at Asiana on my way home...

      Thanks again for the recommendation. We usually go to Phonatic, off Thayer, so it's nice to have another option so close to downtown.

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        another great, inexpensive place we love in prov is lili marlenes on atwells.the menu isnt very big,actually theres only like 5-6 things,but everythings been really good.the steamed shrimp are great,perfectly cooked and the burger and po boys are great too.,,i do love those buns they sell at asiana behind the counter,in the pizza warmer yeah, were gonna still stop there too.we love being so close to prov.,having moved up from newport,theres so much to explore.....