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Jan 26, 2008 12:55 PM

SEA: CHARCOAL Korean BBQ found?!

From the Seattle PI:

From Yelp, I can not personally confirm charcoal BBQ is here:

Korean BBQ Bistro
4 star rating
based on 1 review

Category: Korean [Edit
]15200 Aurora Ave N.
(between 152nd St & 155th St)
Shoreline, WA 98133
(206) 365-6679

I went here with my friend because we have been looking for Korean BBQ that has coal grills in the Seattle area. Of course we found one on Aurora Ave N., where everything that is Korean is.

This place is clean, its really nice. I was on no date but I could see this being a place where you would take someone out for some Korean BBQ.

The wait staff speaks little English. No problem, just point to it on the menu.

The price? well, the price is about right. You get a lot of meat. Two big eaters can eat for about $30.

Oh, the Tofu Soup is from mix... but its Shoreline Seattle, just go down the street for good Soon doo-boo.

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  1. This is the same address as Old Korean Village
    Is it the same place or are they different? I think sometimes yelp will have multiple listings for the same place but the names are slightly different, and the reviews will vary vastly between the two.

    What is the word on Old Korean Village? I am still pretty new to Korean food and I was thinking of checking this place out...

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    1. re: jdestes

      a Korean friend of mine says the chef at Old Village was replaced not too long ago and the place is much better than it used to be fwiw

      1. re: barleywino

        OK, we ate here tonight;

        it is a charcoal/gas hybrid.

        lump charcoas is brought out unlit and placed on top of a gas burner. Gas burner lit until charcoal is lit. Then gas burner turned off and charcoal allowed to do the cooking. A couple problems:

        They have installed very good ventilations systems. So good, in fact, that it sucks out the flavor from the charcoal, ie. the smokes from the charcoal do not have enough time to permeate the food.

        Next, they place a very thin layer of charcoal in the grill; it is not sufficient to reach a really high temp and the cook time is limited.

        So, its a step up from gas but not true charcoal.

        What I want is this:
        A metal caldron filled with a quart or two of white hot lump charcoal brought out already lit and ready to cook directly from the kitchen, with lesser ventilation. Had this in Chicago.